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Decorative Cast Panel Doors

Perfect for decorative heritage homes, or creating a design feature on more modern homes.



A Stan Bond Decorative Cast Panel Door gives you the option of personalising the appearance of your home, whilst still giving you Security and Privacy. Stan Bond Decorative Cast Doors are strong and durable and rust will never be a problem due to gravity die casting.


Stan Bond Security Doors provide good looking, low maintenance protection for your home.

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Stan Bond Security Doors

feature 7mm Security Grilles made from specially tempered aluminium for greater strength.

Stan Bond - Combo Blinds - Roller Blinds 01
Stan Bond-Box 90 Pelmet-Roller Blinds 02

3 point

hinging as standard


Hinged Decorative

A Stan Bond consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available. A range of pre-finished colours
Tuffscreen mesh
Restricted vision mesh
Keyed alike to existing doors (if compatible)
3-Point Locking
Premium heavy duty frames available.

Stan Bond - Combo Blinds - Roller Blinds 01

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