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Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds are a proudly South Australian innovation – designed to extend and improve your outdoor entertaining season. They are a sleek and easy-to-use solution that improves the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Ziptrak® Blinds are a track-guided blind, where the fabric is held into aluminium side channels to create a rain and wind resistant barrier. Ingeniously simple to operate and highly functional, they answer many of your outdoor living questions – offering shade, weather protection and a look that will truly transform your space.

As a genuine Ziptrak® Authorised Fabricator, Stan Bond uses only genuine Ziptrak®, patent protected components, so you can trust that you are receiving the original and the most advanced outdoor track guided blind system.

Ziptrak® has no buckles, no straps, no noisy flapping, no gaps, no struggle. Installed with or without a pelmet to cover the roller it creates an extra living space for your home.

Customers have particularly loved the benefits of a Ziptrak® when made using a clear or tinted PVC material. This encloses the area from the majority of wind, rain and insects, making it a year-round outdoor solution.

Track guided blinds such as Ziptrak® or Zipscreen are a great value-adding investment for your home. Discover the range of options and the expertise Stan Bond can offer by coming to our display centre only 10 minutes North East of Adelaide’s CBD or talk to a consultant about finding the right blinds for your home today.

If you are building or renovating, be sure to contact us early so we can help ensure the correct provisions are made on your outdoor structure.


Easy to operate

Modern colours

UV protection

What’s New:

Ziptrak® has recently released a new Ziptrak® Heavy Duty system for blinds between 5m and 6m wide. Now even larger blinds can be lifted and lowered by spring control or motorised, for a one touch, easy operation.

What’s Popular:

Ziptrak® Blinds with a spring operation and centre release handle, in a dark charcoal or black fabric, create a really easy to use blind. The dark fabric hides any dirt and marks and lets you look easily through to the view outside. The spring operation makes it quick to raise and lower the blind, and the centre release handle is one of the best options in the market for a straightforward release.

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How Does it Work?

With a Ziptrak® Blind, the fabric and powder coated extrusion are seamlessly integrated to form a highly desirable and functional shading and screening product. A spline that is welded to each side of the fabric is wrapped around an aluminium
top tube, which can then be covered by a stylish pelmet.

At each side of the blind is an inner and outer channel that attaches to a post or wall, which the fabric slides down and is captured within the channel. A powder coated bottom rail is also attached to the fabric, and within the bottom rail you can have the option of a centre release handle for ease of use, or simply use the bottom latches at each side to release the blind for raising.


Choose from hand or motorised operations for Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds. Both options come with Ziptrak’s® latest reducer technology, which helps keep the fabric flat and reduces the natural ripples and waves created as the blind rolls up.

Design Choices:

With the choice of an open or closed hood to hide the workings, as well as a variety of custom powder-coated colours, we can help you easily match and complement any home or building.


With Adelaide’s largest choice of outdoor fabrics, you can choose from a broad range of colours, patterns and textures – including the latest generation PVC coated woven polyester mesh, and acrylic fabrics.

Ziptrak® Blinds work well with Clear PVC. At Stan Bond, we use the highest quality, low shrink Japanese clear PVC available, to ensure you get the best outcome from this sometimes volatile product.




Some of the main differences between Ziptrak and Zipscreen include the headbox shape, channeling system and hold down locks. The Stan Bond team have provided an in depth comparison of the two Outdoor Blinds on our Blog. The full article highlighting the differences between Zip Screen and Zip Track can be read HERE.


On average, Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds cost between $800 to $17,000. For larger areas,  Ziptrak HD can cost between $2,000 to $2,500.


Zip track Outdoor Blinds can be made up to 5 metres wide with a drop of 3.2 metres. For larger areas, Ziptrak HD is available which is a heavy duty system specifically designed for larger spaces. Ziptrak HD can be manufactured up to 6 metres wide with a drop of 3.2 metres.


In windy conditions, it is recommended that Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are fully retracted or left down and locked. Ziptrak Blinds are most vulnerable when they are in a halfway position. During severe weather, Ziptrak Blinds should be fully retracted as they can be damaged.


With Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds, you have the choice of 1% openness mesh, 5% openness mesh or PVC.  All mesh options allow you to see through the blind, however 1% openness mesh has a tighter weave, which will block out more view, sunlight, wind and rain. 5% openness mesh is the most popular option. PVC is completely see through but does require frequent cleaning. 

What our customers say

Frank White
4 months ago

Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
Fantastic service and a great product from Stan Bond, Rob Telfer the installer did a really good job. We were very impressed with Rob’s service. He turned up on time and…  

despite one of the blinds being directly exposed to the weather with no overhanging eves he still completed the installation in very wild and wet weather and still managed to do the install to a very high standard!

Lyn Arnold

2 years ago

Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
Very happy with the new outside blind. Service was great, completed on time as promised, and the installer did a great job.

Kylie Watkins
4 years ago

Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
Shout out to Ros for your great service and also to Monty and Daniel for your expert install! From start to finish I have nothing but praise! We had ziptrack blinds installed the full length… 

of our house plus 3 crimsafe security doors and they are absolute quality and the price was great! Highly recommend!