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The Clever Curtain.

A revolutionary product on the market, Veri Shades are the newest innovation in window furnishings. This unique product combines the sophisticated elegance, softness and style of curtains with the versatility of vertical blinds. 

Similar to vertical blinds, Veri Shades can achieve varying levels of light to suit your needs at all times of the day. With the turn of a wand, you can easily twist Veri Shades to adjust your light and shade depending on the position of the sun, or the privacy required. 

Made from a unique range of soft mesh fabric, each fold consists of one translucent and two opaque panels. This allows you to enjoy natural light or darken the room, all with a single product on a single track. Veri Shades don’t compromise your outdoor views, just draw the shades back on the tracking system and take in the full sunshine and views. 

Unlike a sheer curtain, the fabric hangs in individual folds allowing you to walk through Veri Shades at any point, even when they are closed. This makes Veri Shades perfect for sliding doors as you don’t need to draw the shades to the side every time you’d like to walk through the door. As there are no weights or chains, Veri Shades are silent even in a breeze and are child and pet friendly. 

Veri Shades are available in four different fabrics, nineteen neutral colours, and four different track options to suit every home and style. Ideal for anyone who loves the functionality of vertical blinds but prefers the modern style of sheer s-fold curtains. 

Made from 100% polyester, Veri Shades are highly resistant to fading and soiling, making them a great option for active home living. The fabric folds can be easily detached from the tracking system and individually hand washed or replaced in a matter of seconds.

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Veri Functional

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Veri Stylish

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Veri Versatile

  • Easy to operate – The twist wand operation is quick, simple and safe.
  • Soft and silent – With no cords, weights or connecting chains, Veri Shades are silent, even in a breeze.
  • Extensive options – Mix fabric colours. Wide range of matching track colours. Fire retardant fabric option available.
  • Versatility – Walk through the shades anywhere when either open or closed.
  • Child and pet friendly – Veri Shades have no cords so they’re safe for kids and pets and they don’t get tangled.
  • High quality fabrics – The 100% polyester fabric has an ultra violet protection factor, perfect for protecting your home.
  • UV protection – Provides UPF 50+.

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Custom Made:

All of our producs are custom made to your requirements. Veri Shades are perfect for sliding doors and large areas of glass as they can span up to 6 metres. 


Veri Shades can be motorised, allowing you to achieve the desired luxury of home automation. Talk to our team to discuss your options.

Care and Cleaning Instructions:

Veri Shades can be regularly dusted with a soft cloth. The fabric can be lightly hand washed and dried. It can be ironed with a cool iron or steamed to remove creases. Caution: Never use harsh cloths, heavy abrasives, chlorine or ammonia based chemicals or cleaners on the Veri Shades surfaces as they may affect their appearance, longevity and warranty.

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