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The All-in-One Solution.

Vertisheer Blinds are a stylish and versatile option for your home. This unique product combines the functionality of Vertical Blinds with the elegance of Curtains.

Vertisheers have a unique patented design. Made from one continuous piece of fabric, with block out blades attached on the back, they allow you to have both light and shade with one product. The light filtering panels provide privacy while maintaining light, where the room darkening panels allow privacy and darkness. 

Ideal for living rooms and dining areas, Vertisheers will bring elegance to any room. Simply twist the wand for varying levels of light and shade, or push the blinds to the side for unobscured views. 

Paired with a sleek and smooth track in complimentary colours, Vertisheers can be manufactured to operate in any stacking configuration.

Add a pelmet in a complimentary colour or fabric for an extra touch of luxury.

Flexible & Functional

Sheer & Room Darkening in one

Perfect for sliding doors

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Custom Made:

All of our products are custom made to your requirements. Vertisheers are perfect for sliding doors and large areas of glass.

Continuous Fabric:

Vertisheers are crafted with a high quality continuous fabric, so even the largest of windows can be covered. This means you get a sleek product with no seams, joins or hems. Made with 100% polyester, Vertisheers have an ultra-violet protection factor of 50+ and is resistant to fading and soiling. 

2 Operation Choices:

Similar to a Vertical Blind, Vertisheers can be operated via wand or cord and chain. Wand operation is supplied as standard and is recommended for smooth operation and ease of use. 

5 Modern Colours:

Available in 5 neutral colours, Vertisheers suit every interior style. With a choice of White, Cream, Taupe, Grey or Black, these contempoary colours will compliment all interiors.

Child & Pet Safe:

With no chains or cords, Vetisheers are child and pet safe.