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Our most popular Shutter option is the sustainable plantation Basswood range, which uses furniture grade timber to provide a superior dimensional stable shutter.

Basswood is used as it is durable, resistant to warping, and not easily affected by heat. Basswood panels can be made larger and wider than heavier materials (such as MDF or PVC shutters), with less risk of sagging or blades bowing. In operation, they feel firm and secure, giving a sense of luxury and quality.

This range of beautiful shutters, crafted from genuine timber mouldings, offer great value for money. Laminated and kiln dried to precisely control moisture levels, they are then tested for the extremes of humidity, temperature and accelerated ageing, to deliver a shutter which is strong, durable and extremely stable. While being strong, the shutters remain light allowing them to fold, slide, open and close. Using the latest generation paint system, the shutters are designed to last even in the difficult Australian conditions. Our high quality paint is water-based, odour free, UV resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. 

For use indoors

High quality paint

Versatile for unique window shapes

Basswood timber shutters are available in four blade sizes, fourteen standard colours and thirteen stunning stained and lacquered tones. Styling includes the choice of a centre tilt rod, an offset control bar or an aluminium control bar, which may be located on either the face or hidden on the reverse side of the panel. With superior cutting and manufacturing technology the shutters have mortise and tenon joints for greater strength. Operation and closure options include Mono Closure with 135 degree blade rotation and closure in the ‘up’ blade position, or Dual Closure with 180 degree blade rotation and closure in the ‘up’ and ‘down’ blade positions. For larger windows, a mid rail is included to allow the top and bottom halves of the shutter to be operated separately, maximising light and privacy control. 

This range is designed to be flexible, to be able to suit the needs of most homes, and can be installed in sliding, bi-fold, hinged or fixed panels – making them suitable for door openings, windows, and as room dividers.

Timber Shutters are a statement in any room, providing a unique look of class, sophistication and design. The aesthetic isn’t only internal, shutters look amazing from an external view, creating a feature across the front of a home while giving a high degree of privacy and light control to the user.

Stan Bond has a great range of Shutter options on display at our Campbelltown display centre, only 10 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. Why not come and visit us to explore the options, or call to have one of our consultants visit you at your home.

What’s New:

Need a shutter in a custom colour? The Stan Bond Basswood shutter range can be painted to any colour, at a small additional fee. Our manufacturing partners are able to digitally match paint colours and make your shutters to the perfect shade for your interior decor.

What’s Popular:

White Basswood Shutters have been in vogue for a number of years and show no signs of declining. Choosing white creates a beautiful clean look while ensuring the maximum flexibility with interior decor choices and future-proofing your investment.  

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