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Western Red Cedar has been proven over many years, to be the timber of choice for shutters. Not only does it convey luxury and opulence, it is a lightweight, strong, straight-grained timber.

Cedar Shutters have unrivalled dimensional stability benefits for the installation of large panels, with less strain on the supporting structure, and less chance of shutter components warping. Our timber is certified Canadian Western Red Cedar from sustainable forests in British Columbia.

The Stan Bond range of Western Red Cedar shutters is designed to enhance the natural beauty, colour and grain of the wood through a high quality stain and two-pack polyurethane lacquer finish. If you desire a natural wood finish for your interior shutters, then Cedar wood makes the obvious choice. Its rich colour and tight, straight grain, with very few knots, means it produces wonderful plantation shutters and solid shutters that, with a simple wax or polish, stand out as truly beautiful pieces.

Western Red Cedar shutters are available in three blade sizes, six standard painted colours and eight stunning stained and lacquered tones, including a lime finish. Styling includes the choice of stapled centre, an offset control bar or an aluminium control bar, which may be located on either the face or hidden on the reverse side of the panel. With superior cutting and manufacturing technology, the shutters are made with mortise and tenon joints for greater strength.

This range is designed to be flexible, to be able to suit the needs of most homes, and can be installed in sliding, bi-fold, hinged or fixed panels – making them suitable for door openings, windows, and as room dividers.

MDF or Composite Shutters are approximately 40% heavier than Western Red Cedar panels. Therefore, cedar panels span further without sagging or stressing components. Wider panels, with uninterrupted blades, offer better views, are easier to clean, and require less work to adjust morning and night.

Timber Shutters are a statement in any room, providing a unique look of class and tasteful design. Western Red Cedar is considered the elegant choice for a sophisticated design.

Stan Bond has a great range of Shutter options on display at our Campbelltown display centre, only 10 minutes from Adelaide CBD. Why not come and visit us to explore the options, or call to have one of our consultants visit you at your home.

A Classic Stain with a Lacquered Finish

High Quality

Sustainable Wood

What’s New:

Consider installing a clear or light tint 3M Window Film on the window behind Cedar Shutters. The 3M film blocks 99.9% of damaging UV light, protecting the delicate surface of the Cedar from fading. This increases the life of your investment and the beauty of the timber finish.

What’s Popular:

Western Red Cedar is most commonly chosen when the customer desires an unpainted, lacquered finish to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of the wood.

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