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Q: What is the difference between a Roller Blind and a Holland Blind?

A Roller Blind is an internal blind with a tube at the top which fabric wraps around going up and down to block off a window. Traditionally a Roller Blind has been a chain operated blind whereas a Holland has been the same type of product but with a spring operation. Nowadays most companies call them Roller Blinds.

Q: How big are the gaps on Roller Blinds?

The gap on the side of a roller blind is generally between 16 and 20mm. This can be worse if the window is significantly out of square. If gaps are a problem due to privacy, shift working or light problems you can use a Ziptrak Interior which has side channels on either side of the blind to provide almost 100% blackout and complete privacy. A Roller Shutter on the outside can also be an option.

Q: Can you use Roller Blinds over Sliding Doors?

Roller Blinds on Sliding Doors are becoming more common. It is possible to install them this way but there are a few things to consider. The blinds often have to fit on the face of the door frame as there may not be enough space in the reveal due to the large handle or sliding door framework. We offer a service of cutting the sliding mullion when there is not quite enough room. Most companies do not offer this service so discuss it with the consultant when onsite. Also consider where you will have the controls - often on standard sliding door set (1 door and 1 fixed panel) you will have two blinds split in the middle. When it is a centre opening sliding doors (1 door and 2 fixed panels) you may need to consider motorisation or easylink to avoid a chain hanging in the middle of the opening.

Q: Do you sell Day Night Roller Blinds?

Day Night Blinds or Day & Night dual blinds are another name for Combo blinds. They are two roller blinds on one bracket with most often an open screen fabric on one Blind and a Blockout fabric on another. The screen blind allows daytime privacy, some heat/cold insulation and glare protection while the blockout blind provides nighttime privacy, light control and protection from the hot sun.

Q: What are the child safety requirements on Blinds?

There are laws in place to protect children from accidental injury on blind & curtain chains. Any chain or cord hanging lower than 1600mm from the floor must be restrained so a child's head cannot fit through any loop formed. We cannot install blinds in a manner that contravenes the law even if the owner of the residence requests an exception.