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Roller Blinds

Modern Roller Blinds Offer a Dazzling Array of Features

Stan Bond offers an extensive array of Roller (or Holland) Blinds making the Roller Blind a practical and affordable window covering to suit a range of budgets and styling needs.

Roller Blinds are the most popular window treatment in the Stan Bond Interior Blinds range. They offer an elegant yet subtle window treatment, are available in a wide range of fabrics, and are practical for every room in the house.

Stan Bond offers two Roller Blind systems: one from Australian designer Acmeda and the other from the largest American supplier, Rollease. By offering both systems, Stan Bond can provide options that others cannot. From chain-controlled to remote-controlled, a Stan Bond consultant can help you find the right system for your needs.

Roller Blinds are easy to use, low maintenance, and can be installed in a window space by alone or behind a sheer curtain to give a soft, modern look.

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Roller Blinds are available in an extensive range of fabrics, styles, colours and textures.


Blackout or Blockout Roller Blind Fabrics

Blackout or Blockout Roller Blind Fabrics block out sunlight and reduce heat build up. They are ideal for rooms such as bedrooms and home-cinema rooms. These fabrics not only block out light and reduce heat, they also protect flooring and furniture from the damaging effects of the sun.

Stan Bond - Roller Blind Black Out
Stan Bond - Roller Blind Sunscreen

Sunscreen or Sheer Roller Blind Fabrics

Sunscreen or Sheer Roller Blind fabrics are perfect for Adelaide homes where natural light is required but privacy and glare protection are important. Sunscreen fabrics can block 99% of light whilst still allowing a view to the outside.

Translucent Roller Blind Fabrics

Translucent, or light-filtering, Roller Blind Fabrics allow light but give a higher level of privacy. They are ideal for living rooms, dining areas, and other entertaining areas that require natural light. By blocking the view outside, these fabrics can be used to hide unsightly external views.

Stan Bond - Textured Fabric
Textured Roller Blinds with Pelmets

Patterned or Textured  Roller Blinds Fabrics

Stan Bond offers a range of fabrics with subtle or strong textured finishes giving the Roller Blind a more aesthetic effect in the window space. Available in a range of colours, patterns and textures, most of these fabrics are available in blockout and light-filtering options.

For more information about our comprehensive line of  Roller Blinds in Adelaide, or any of our other fine Stan Bond window coverings and treatments, please contact us today on 8336 2066 or via our Organize a Quote page.

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Stan Bond Roller Blinds are available with a number of optional extras.

Combo Roller Blinds

Combo Roller Blinds combine two Roller Blinds on a double bracket to provide dual-purpose blinds. Combining a traditional blockout blind with a lighter sunscreen, sheer, or translucent blind, this arrangement allows each blind to be operated independently to allow natural light during the day and privacy in the evening. Two blinds covering the window will also provide additional insulative qualities.

Stan Bond - Translucent Fabric


Linea Valance Pelmet

A Linea Valance Pelmet can provide the finishing touch to a Roller Blind. The Pelmet can be recess or face fitted to enclose the top of the blind and/or window. This pelmet is available in two profile sizes – 98mm and 140mm – and four standard colours – White, Mist, Cotta and Cedar. Stan Bond can also produce a customised Linea Valance Pelmet covered with a choice of fabric.

Skyline Fascia

Made from anodised aluminium and available in four colours – White, Birch, Silver, and Black – the Skyline Fascia is a pelmet with a distinctly contemporary edge. With a choice of either a square or rounded profile, this streamlined unit allows the blind to be either over or under-rolled to best suit its mounted position.

Stan Bond -Skyline Fasciat Roller-Blinds 04

Stan Bond-Trims-Roller Blinds 05


A number of options are available to trim the bottom edge of a Stan Bond Roller Blind. These trims include simple timber battens inserted into the hem of the blind, to round or oval aluminium rails in a selection of colours which include Pure White, Sandstone, Bone, Matt Silver, and Black. Decorative trims such as scallops, and round or square cut-outs with complementary braids and tassels are also available.


Stan Bond offers Somfy Motorisation and Nice Motorised Roller Blinds to create the ultimate window treatment. At the touch of a remote-controlled button or the flick of a switch, Roller Blinds can be raised, lowered or stopped at any point to provide privacy or allow the required amount of light. Motorisation is especially ideal for homes with numerous blinds in large living spaces. CBUS or Home Automation System integration is also available.

Stan Bond -Motorisatoin- Roller Blinds 06
Stan Bond-Big Roller Blinds-Roller Blinds 07

BIG Roller Blinds

Extra large windows, sliding and bifold doors have become increasingly popular as we seek to merge the indoors and outdoors. Stan Bond’s BIG Roller Blind System uses heavy-duty aluminium framework to create easy-to-operate Roller Blinds up to 4.5 meters in width. In addition, a Linked Roller Blind system controls multiple blinds with a single motor or chain-control.

Got a question? Check below for an answer...

Q: What is the difference between a Roller Blind and a Holland Blind?

A Roller Blind is an internal blind with a tube at the top which fabric wraps around going up and down to block off a window. Traditionally a Roller Blind has been a chain operated blind whereas a Holland has been the same type of product but with a spring operation. Nowadays most companies call them Roller Blinds.

Q: How big are the gaps on Roller Blinds?

The gap on the side of a roller blind is generally between 16 and 20mm. This can be worse if the window is significantly out of square. If gaps are a problem due to privacy, shift working or light problems you can use a Ziptrak Interior which has side channels on either side of the blind to provide almost 100% blackout and complete privacy. A Roller Shutter on the outside can also be an option.

Q: Can you use Roller Blinds over Sliding Doors?

Roller Blinds on Sliding Doors are becoming more common. It is possible to install them this way but there are a few things to consider. The blinds often have to fit on the face of the door frame as there may not be enough space in the reveal due to the large handle or sliding door framework. We offer a service of cutting the sliding mullion when there is not quite enough room. Most companies do not offer this service so discuss it with the consultant when onsite. Also consider where you will have the controls - often on standard sliding door set (1 door and 1 fixed panel) you will have two blinds split in the middle. When it is a centre opening sliding doors (1 door and 2 fixed panels) you may need to consider motorisation or easylink to avoid a chain hanging in the middle of the opening.

Q: Do you sell Day Night Roller Blinds?

Day Night Blinds or Day & Night dual blinds are another name for Combo blinds. They are two roller blinds on one bracket with most often an open screen fabric on one Blind and a Blockout fabric on another. The screen blind allows daytime privacy, some heat/cold insulation and glare protection while the blockout blind provides nighttime privacy, light control and protection from the hot sun.

Q: What are the child safety requirements on Blinds?

There are laws in place to protect children from accidental injury on blind & curtain chains. Any chain or cord hanging lower than 1600mm from the floor must be restrained so a child's head cannot fit through any loop formed. We cannot install blinds in a manner that contravenes the law even if the owner of the residence requests an exception.

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