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Stan Bond offers a range of 3M Window Safety and Security Films, which can help to protect your home from external threats such as break-ins, vandals and severe weather events. Security Film is designed to be applied to standard glass panels and, in the event of an attack, hold the glass together enough to deny the attacker easy entry.

The conventional safety film is a single or double layer polyester film, with a thick pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of the film, and a scratch resistant hard coat on the other. These films will perform better as the thickness increases.  Our standard safety film is 7mm thick, but can go up to twice that thickness.

3M Security film has better performance than Safety Film and can be thinner because it utilises micro-layered technology. The micro-layered film differs from conventional films by using up to 42 of layers of material in the same thickness as one layer of a conventional film. Micro-layered films alternate between a ‘stiff’ layer and a ‘gummy’ layer, in order to obtain added performance. The alternating layers not only add strength to the window, they add tear resistance to the film, giving additional safety and security to the window.

Typically, safety and security films are applied on the interior of the glass, however, we can also provide specially designed films that can also be applied to the window’s exterior where necessary.

3M Safety and Security Window Films are designed to hold glass fragments together following external impacts to windows. This reduces the chance of injury or damage from flying glass in the event of a break-in, and a deterrent barrier is created. Films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as a tinted film with both sun control and safety features.

With so many options, in both Safety and Security Films, check out our range in our display centre at Campbelltown, just 10 minutes from Adelaide CBD. Or call and arrange for one of our expert consultants to come to you and work through the best option for your circumstances.

What’s New:

Stan Bond’s Ultra Prestige Series Window Films offer 28 micro-layers of tear-resistant Ultra Safety Film, with the addition of Prestige Series Sun Control Film. This enables the glass to hold together in the event of a break-in or severe weather event – at the same time, allowing 70% of visible light to enter the window, while reducing heat transmission by up to 60% and 97% of the sun’s infrared rays.

What’s Popular:

Safety Film is an inexpensive way to improve the security of vulnerable windows, such as next to the front door or on a concealed rear window. This simple addition makes it much more difficult for an opportunistic burglar to gain entry to a home, and reinforces other security systems such as Crimsafe Doors and screens.

Reduces up to 60% of heat

Available in clear or tinted

Glass holds together

Ultra Prestige Series:

  • Up to 28 micro-layers of tear-resistant Ultra Safety Film
  • Addition of Prestige Sun Control Film
  • Glass holds together
  • Still allows natural light to enter with up to 70% visibility
  • Reducing 60% of heat transfer
  • Blocking 97% of the suns infrared rays

Ultra Series:

  • Up to 42 micro-layers of tear-resistant Safety Film
  • Glass holds together
  • Available in clear Safety Film or with tinted sun-control

Ultra Tinted:

Alongside the Ultra Prestige series films Stan Bond offers traditional tinted film in a Security version. 3M’s Ultra Neutral S50 is a tinted, multi-layered film. Using 3M patented technology that utilises many micro-layers, this 5mm film to provides enormous strength and tear resistance compared to standard safety films.

This tinted film reduces glare by 42% and solar heat by 30%. Offering a great tint level and security, it means customers get the benefits of both types of film.

Technical Data:

3M Ultra 600 product performance and technical data –

3M Lifetime Warranty:

3M Window Films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing. Many of our films are warranted against discoloration too. Should the product prove to be defective, Stan Bond, 3M and the authorised 3M Accredited Installer will replace the film and provide the reapplication labour free of charge.