It’s nice to be able to deal with a family-owned business - you cared about us and you had everything we needed for our security screens.  We’ll be back when we’re ready to install blinds.

  Jo from Magill


How to keep your home secure when you're away

Going away over summer and looking to improve your home security? Well, if you’re looking to do it, the time is now. Statistically speaking, summer is the busiest time of the year for Australian burglars. As a large majority of people go away or spend less time in their homes, burglars seize the opportunity for… 



Prepare your home for winter

You spent all summer trying to keep the cool air in, but now it’s time to keep it out. With the arrival of colder weather the focus turns to staying warm at home without maxing out our energy bills. When it comes to preparing your home for winter, some of the same steps apply as… 


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