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Not only are Venetian Blinds perfect for both contemporary and traditional interiors, but their flexibility allows you to tilt and raise the slats to have full control of the room’s light, glare and privacy.Stan Bond Venetian Blinds are available in Aluminium, Timber and Composite finishes.The flexibility provided by the tilting slats gives a unique level of control of the light, glare and privacy of your room.
Our favourite Venetian Blind looks
We love to see Timber Venetians matched with Plantation Shutters to create a beautifully consistent theme throughout a home and provide a value for money window covering for less important rooms. Or, consider using a sheer curtain in front of the blind to provide a soft in vogue look with the extensive light control the venetian provides.Come and discover how the timeless Venetian blind can suit your decor at our display centre in Campbelltown or talk to one of our consultants about finding the right blinds for your home today.
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Venetian Blinds, A Classic & Timeless Style.

Venetian blinds have a timeless appeal that can seamlessly blend with different decor styles. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or modern interior, Venetian blinds can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

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The Latest trends

What's New In Venetian blinds

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What's New

The latest collection of smooth finish composite slats from our Tuscany range includes a line of beautiful, grey-based tones – providing a stunning feature in cool white painted homes. These colours, in particular the mid-dark pure grey called ‘Flint’, create a statement blind which blends well into the latest fashion interior design.

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What's Popular

White Basswood and White Composite PVC slats have been the best selling Venetian Blinds for years and there is no sign of this changing. White Timber Venetians provide a crisp clean look in the window and allow you to create a feature in the room with other pieces such as cushions or artwork. 

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What's Trending

Silver or dark grey slats and headrails create a modern feel for this enduring product. Consider installing a white s-fold sheer curtain over the top to provide a soft contemporary look with the impressive light control the venetian provides. Due to their wide slat size, you can achieve the look of Plantation Shutters without the price tag.

aluminium venetian

Aluminium Venetians have a sleek look that works beautifully in modern homes, offices and commercial buildings. They are lightweight, resilient and less expensive than Timber Venetians. Their resistance to moisture makes them a smart choice for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Simple to use, you can control the angle of light entering your room with ease, allowing control over privacy and temperature.

With tens of thousands of Stan Bond Aluminium Venetians manufactured and installed around Adelaide, including in hospitals and commercial buildings, the components are well tested to give years of hassle-free life.

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timber venetian

Timber Venetian Blinds are crafted from sustainable plantation Basswood, Western Red Cedar and an advanced composite faux wood.

Our Timber Venetians are manufactured using advanced technology, which ensures consistent colour, and eliminates the need for re-oiling or varnishing your blinds. You can expect the highest standard of quality from Stan Bond Timber Venetian blinds as they are handcrafted in our Newton, SA manufacturing plant – not the cheap foreign imports provided by many others.

Our wooden blinds combine the practicality of being lightweight yet tough, with the beauty of a stunning grain and smooth finish. Choose the natural wood tones of real Western Red Cedar, or the subtle neutrals and muted hues of our solid colour, painted timber range, to suit your interior decor.

fusion venetian

The Fusion range of Venetian Blinds are manufactured with a mixture of composite PVC and Polystyrene, creating a faux wooden look. This advanced composite performs very well in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, making Fusion Venetian Blinds perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

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features & benefits

Come and discover how the timeless Venetian blind can suit your decor at our display centre in Campbelltown, South Australia or talk to one of our consultants about finding the right blinds for your home today.

Range Of Finishes

Spring Tempered Aluminium

Easy Operation

Simply twist the plastic rod to tilt the blades open and closed, or pull on the cord to raise and lower the blinds into your desired position. Venetian Blinds cannot be motorised.

Aluminium Venetians are available in 25mm a slat size.

Timber Venetians are available in a 50mm slat size.

Composite Venetian Blinds, crafted from an advanced composite PVC are available in a 50mm slat.

Timber Venetians are available in a variety of stained timber finishes and nearly 40 solid paint colours.

Aluminium Venetians are available in over 35 neutral colours to suit every interior, including gloss, metallic and matte finishes.

The Fusion Range of PVC Venetians are available in three different shades of white, two shades of grey and 4 timber look finishes.

Western Red Cedar Venetians are available in two shade ranges – Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. Due to the timber’s natural variations, it is impossible to get a specific colour match. Every slat will be naturally different and beautiful in it’s uniqueness.

With the Stan Bond range of Venetian Blinds, you will always be able to find a complimentary colour to suit every interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Roller Blind is an internal blind with a tube at the top which fabric wraps around going up and down to block off a window. Traditionally a Roller Blind has been a chain operated blind whereas a Holland has been the same type of product but with a spring operation. Nowadays most companies call them Roller Blinds.

Our Roller Blinds are made in Adelaide. We have owned and operate our manufacturing plant in Newton, South Australia since 1980 and the company employs over 70 Adelaide staff. We manufacture over 98% of the products we sell with only a couple of niche exceptions. Stan Bond is SA’s largest manufacturer of Blinds, Awnings & Security products.

Roller Blinds on Sliding Doors are becoming more common. It is possible to install them this way but there are a few things to consider. The blinds often have to fit on the face of the door frame as there may not be enough space in the reveal due to the large handle or sliding door framework. We offer a service of cutting the sliding mullion when there is not quite enough room. Most companies do not offer this service so discuss it with the consultant when onsite. Also, consider where you will have the controls – often on standard sliding door set (1 door and 1 fixed panel) you will have two blinds split in the middle. When it is a centre opening sliding doors (1 door and 2 fixed panels) you may need to consider motorisation or easylink to avoid a chain hanging in the middle of the opening.

Day Night Blinds or Day & Night dual blinds are another name for Combo blinds. They are two roller blinds on one bracket with most often an open screen fabric on one Blind and a Blockout fabric on another. The screen blind allows daytime privacy, some heat/cold insulation and glare protection while the blockout blind provides nighttime privacy, light control and protection from the hot sun.

There are laws in place to protect children from accidental injury on blind & curtain chains. Any chain or cord hanging lower than 1600mm from the floor must be restrained so a child’s head cannot fit through any loop formed. We cannot install blinds in a manner that contravenes the law even if the owner of the residence requests an exception.

Roller Blinds and Holland Blinds are currently our most popular window covering in Adelaide especially when custom made as a combo or double roller. This gives both a privacy blind and a block out fabric blind.

Quality Roller Blinds can often be identified by the use of quality components. Ask whether the blinds use Acmeda or Sunboss components. If it is not these two systems you’re getting a lesser quality product. Also, well made custom blinds generally use 43mm or 45mm top roller tubes. The bigger the tube the stronger the blind is over wide openings and the better the blind rolls up and down. The price of a roller blind is a good indication of quality; cheap fabric and components generally have a poorer life and are harder to clean.

Give us a call to arrange a consultant to come to your home (or a virtual consultation) and show you the range of options and fabrics. This is a free service and ensures you get a quote for the product and price which will suit your home. Once you are happy with the measurements, fabric choice and price the consultant will send the details of the order to our manufacturing plant in Newton, SA to have the blinds custom manufactured.

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