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Modern roller blinds offer a dazzling array of features.

Roller Blinds are stylish, practical, low maintenance, affordable and come with a range of options that can take it from a basic blind for a rental property to a feature in a high-end luxe apartment.
Roller Blinds Come in a Multitude of Options
With a variety of sheer or blockout fabrics, textures and colours to suit any room, Roller Blinds are an elegant yet subtle window treatment. Ideal for main living areas, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, you’ll often find a whole home displaying roller blinds as the main window covering with different fabrics, pelmets or control options to highlight main living areas.In particular, we love the look of roller blinds that use Somfy Motorisation, a modern pelmet and incorporating wide width, high-end screen fabrics, which sit neatly over large windows or sliding doors in modern living areas.Roller Blinds are commonly combined with Curtains and Roman Blinds to create a highly flexible window covering with the soft lines of the latest fashion.
Roller Blinds Made Right
Stan Bond uses high-quality components from three of the world’s best system designers – Rollease Acmeda, Sunboss and local South Australian design company Ziptrak®. By combining these three systems, we provide solutions in difficult scenarios that would challenge many other companies. For example, the Ziptrak® Interior spring operated blackout system – designed for areas that require full blackout, such as home theatres or bedrooms, especially for shift workers.
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The Complete guide to roller blinds

Types and Styles

Explore our diverse range of roller blinds designed to suit every need. From blockout blinds ensuring complete darkness to sheer options allowing soft natural light, discover the perfect balance of style and function for every room in your home.

Materials and Fabrics

Our roller blinds are crafted from premium materials, including durable polyester, light-controlling sunscreen mesh, and luxurious blockout fabrics. Discover the ideal fabric that suits your lifestyle, offering durability, easy maintenance, and superior light control.

Light Control and Privacy

Experience exceptional light control and privacy with our roller blinds. Choose from various opacities to regulate natural light, ensuring the perfect ambiance while safeguarding your privacy day and night.

Energy Efficiency

Enhance your home's energy efficiency with our roller blinds. Our insulating fabrics help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing heat loss in winter and minimising heat gain in summer, leading to potential energy savings.

Customisation Options

Personalise your space with our customisable roller blinds. Select from a spectrum of colours, captivating patterns, and sizing options tailored to fit your unique windows, adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Installation Process

Installing roller blinds is hassle-free with our guidance. Providing expert installation services for your convenience, our professionals ensure a smooth installation process and our customer care team are available when ever you need.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the beauty of your roller blinds is simple. Follow our care instructions to keep your blinds looking fresh and new, ensuring their longevity and preserving their functionality for years to come.

Benefits and Considerations

Discover the myriad benefits of roller blinds, from enhancing aesthetics and providing light control to offering privacy and potential energy savings. Our experienced consultants will guide you to the perfect roller blind solution for each room's specific needs.

Operation and Mechanisms

Experience effortless control with our roller blinds. Choose between manual operation for traditional simplicity or opt for motorised blinds for convenient remote access, seamlessly integrating with your smart home.

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it! Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about our roller blinds. Read their reviews here and experiences to gain confidence in choosing the ideal window treatment for your home .

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Fabrics to inspire

When selecting the best fabric for indoor blinds, consider factors such as light control, privacy, style, and maintenance requirements.


Timeless & Versatile Style


Soft & Natural Style


Adds Character & Personality


Bohemian or Tropical Style


Create Privacy

Chain Operated

Spring Operated


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