Ziptrak® Interior

A revolutionary blockout interior blind.

Unlike any other product on the market, Ziptrak® Interior is an internal blind that offers complete block out. This makes it the perfect product for creating dark spaces for children or shift workers to sleep in, or even darkening home theatre rooms. No other internal product will darken a room like Ziptrak® Interior.

Similar to a Roller Blind, Ziptrak® Interior rolls up and down the window and has a sleek, modern look. Ziptrak® Interior uses side channels, a top pelmet and a bottom bar to ensure there are no gaps and the light is blocked from every angle. This also creates a barrier of insulation between your room and the outside world, allowing your home to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

With no cords or chains, it’s completely child and pet safe and can be used easily by our older generations. Simply hold the bottom bar to lift or lower. It’s so light, it can be done with a single finger.

For Maximum Blackout in Bedrooms and Home Theatres

Ziptrak® Interior brings the industry transforming features of the Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds to internal windows. With no side gaps, easy lift spring operation and high blackout, it’s easy to see why Ziptrak® Interior ticks a lot of boxes for customers.

Visit our showroom to experience the Ziptrak® Interior difference yourself, and see the room go from light to dark in a matter of seconds – 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown 5074.

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    High Level Blockout

    Unlike any other Internal Blind on the market, when Ziptrak® Interior is closed it offers 99% blockout from light. This is the highest level of blockout achievable for an Internal Blind. Some light can still show around the edges of product such as where window sills are not level. This can be especially obvious once your eyes adjust to the low levels of light.


    Visit our Adelaide showroom to experience the Ziptrak® Interior difference yourself, and see the room go from light to dark in a matter of seconds – 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, South Australia 5074.

    Completely Child & Pet Safe
    No Light Gaps
    Perfect for Bedrooms

    Features & Benefits

    Unique to Internal Blinds, Ziptrak® Interior uses a sealed track system. The blockout fabric is locked into the side tracks, a pelmet is used at the top and the bottom bar is fitted with a soft skirt allowing a flush finish. This means no gaps at the top, sides or bottom.

    Ziptrak® Interior uses a sealed track system with no gaps. This creates a pocket of air between your room and the outside world, providing fantastic insulation and helping to reduce your energy bills. When your Ziptrak® Interior is closed, it helps to keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.

    The Ziptrak® Interior framing system is available in white, silver anodised and black. If these colour options don’t suit your space, the framing system can be powder coated in your colour choice for a small additional cost.

    For the blockout fabric, Stan Bond has an extensive range of options. Any Roller Blind fabric can be used in Ziptrak® Interior. This can allow you to match your Ziptrak® Interior to other Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds or Panel Glides in your home for a cohesive look. You are also able to use a translucent fabric if you wish, however this will mean that your Ziptrak® Interior is no longer a complete blockout product.

    Ziptrak® Interior blinds are as light as a feather and can be operated with ease. Simply lift the bottom bar up or down and the blind will stop at any height. It’s so light, it can be done with a single finger. We do suggest operating the blind from the centre to ensure it rolls evenly.

    Ziptrak® Interior can also be motorised.

    With no cords or chains, Ziptrak® Interior is completely child and pet safe.

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    Ziptrak® Frequently Asked Questions

    Roller Blinds, also known as Holland Blinds are a very popular window treatment for all areas of the home. However, they tend to have gaps around the edges where light can seep through. Ziptrak® Interior is designed as a complete blockout product, to stop all light entering the room with it’s channelled system. This makes it the perfect product for bedrooms, nurseries and home theatre rooms.

    Ziptrak® Interior is very easy to use. Simply hold the centre of the bottom bar and raise or lower to your desired height. Ziptrak® is as light as a feather and stops at any position, so it can be used by children and older generations with ease. With no chains or cords, Ziptrak® Interior is completely child and pet safe.

    On average, Ziptrak® Interior can cost between $400 to $700 depending on the size of your window.

    The Ziptrak® Interior system is available in white, black or clear anodised (silver). The pelmet, bottom bar and vertical tracks can also be powder coated to a colour of your choice to match your interior. The fabric insert can be chosen from our wide range of international and Australian internal blind fabrics.

    Yes, Ziptrak® Interior blinds are excellent for insulation. As they use a tracking system with no gaps, Ziptrak® Interior creates a temperature barrier between the window and your room. This allows Ziptrak® Interior to have superior insulation properties to lower your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact and make your space more comfortable.

    It is important to take proper care of your blinds to ensure their successful operation and visual condition. Click HERE for details on how to correctly operate and maintain your Ziptrak® Blinds.

    The hood of the Ziptrak® Interior helps to block out the light. Without the hood, the Ziptrak® Interior will not be a complete block out product, defeating it’s purpose.

    A Ziptrak® Interior blind can be mounted to almost any window support structure. Common surfaces include timber, gyprock and plasterboard. Ziptrak® Interior blinds can be installed in the reveal or face fixed.


    Customer Reviews


    I had three sets of day-night blinds installed and a Veri-shade. Very happy with the total experience from Stan Bond. Professional advice, personal assistance, on time, easy to deal with. I benefited from the suggestions and care taken by each staff member. The blinds and shade look lovely and perform exactly as I had hoped.

    Lisa Lavan

    It is so rare these days that a company offers such wonderful service and quality of product. From the very start to the very end, nothing short of pure excellence. Jenny was amazing with her suggestions and ideas, her patience very much appreciated and her ability to get the job done within limited timescales very much appreciated. This is my second experience with this company, internal shutters and curtains to go to complete my home and I will not even bother to get quotes elsewhere. Thank you Jenny, and all the team at Stan Bond - don't ever close your doors please!

    Sharon Burton

    We found Stan Bond to have really friendly, knowledgeable staff, they were reasonably priced, had fast turnaround and the installer was efficient and cleaned up after himself and was of minimal disruption to our office staff who were all working throughout the installation process. Very happy with the service, we would definitely use again.

    FN Riggall