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Improve the insulation of your home with our Honeycomb Cellular Blinds.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds, also known as Honeycomb Shades or Cellular Shades, are among the most popular of all window coverings in Europe and the US. However, here in Adelaide, it is often an under-considered option.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds use sheer, light filtering, semi-opaque and room darkening woven fabrics made into a series of d-cell shapes, which can be raised and lowered using corded, cordless or motorised control. Their simple design makes them unobtrusive in small narrow windows or commercial office spaces.

Crisp, clean, versatile and soft, yet durable, a Honeycomb Blind provides great insulation for your home. The unique design features air pockets that trap air and form a barrier between the window and the room, allowing you to regulate temperature and save you money on heating and cooling.

One of the only products in the internal blind range that Stan Bond does not manufacture locally, the Honeycomb Cellular blind is manufactured by an award-winning international supplier with over 30 years of experience. This relationship allows us to provide one of Adelaide’s most extensive ranges of colours, textures, cell sizes and operation options.

Discover more about the wide range of Honeycomb Blind options at our local Campbelltown display centre, only 10 minutes northeast of the city – or talk to one of our consultants about finding the right blinds for your home today.

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Range of colours

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Cordless and standard cord operations are available in top-down or bottom-up lift systems. Remote control rechargeable battery operated options available with a single or 15 channel remote control.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up:

Adjust your lighting preference and control your privacy level by lowering the blinds down from the top to let in natural light, or raising them up from the bottom like a traditional roller blind.

Day-Night Blinds:

These can be light-filtering and blackout at the same time, making Day-Night shades one of the most flexible window coverings for homes and commercial office spaces.

Your needs are different during the day and night. At night, you need your blinds to block out light and offer privacy from outside. During the day, you may need more protection from the harsh sunlight rays.

Day-Night Honeycomb Cellular Blinds, sometimes called Sun-Up-Sun-Down Cellular Shades, work by having both a sheer or light filtering cell fabric at the top of the blind, with the bottom layer made with the room darkening blackout fabric. Each layer of the blind can be raised or lowered individually, giving the option for both privacy and natural light when the need arises.

Custom Options:

Our Honeycomb Cellular Blinds can be custom made to suit all window shapes – as well as skylights, non-vertical windows, angles and doors.

Honeycomb Fabrics:

Select from a broad range of plain and patterned soft fabrics that are light and fade resistant. The fabrics use the latest weaving technology to be crush resistant and surprisingly washable, making them perfect for the high use areas.

Lead Time:

Please be aware that this product is manufactured internationally – so has a 5-6 week lead time, which can at times be affected by freight and customs delays.