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The most popular of all the traditional style external awnings, the Auto Guide Awning, sometimes known as the Automatic Awning or Lock Arm Awning, is as common in Adelaide homes as a Hills Hoist!The awning is raised and lowered to whatever position you want, by simply sliding the arms on the guide rods. This flexibility lets you control how much light and heat comes through the window.
Auto Guide Awnings let the air in whilst blocking out light
Available in a number of projections, Auto Guide Awnings allow air flow, whilst still sitting close enough to windows to minimise light and heat entering your home. The auto locking arms allow the awning to be secured at any height and can be adjusted by hand or with a pull-stick. Tension in the blind is maintained by a spring that sits neatly within the top aluminium roller tube.Stan Bond Auto Guide Awnings are most often installed on the face of ground floor windows but can also be used on balcony windows or outdoor patio posts. The Awnings also come with the option of matching hooding to provide the finishing touch to your new window feature.
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