Everyone knows of the damaging effects weather can have on the exterior of your home, but what if your property is on the seafront?

Living at the beach means amazing views and a great lifestyle. Unfortunately though, it exposes you to the elements, meaning higher levels of weatherproofing are required than for inner suburbs homes.

Blinds work to regulate temperature and keep you safe and dry, but in harsher environments like the ocean, blinds need to be strong, flexible, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re in the market for new blinds or bad weather hasn’t been kind to you, we’ve put together the Top 3 Blinds for Seafront Homes and Apartments.

1 – Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme Blinds:

Made from aluminium and stainless steal, the Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme Blind thrive in coastal environments. Ticking all the boxes, the channels, zips, framing, posts and material are incredibly strong.

The robust design is aesthetically simple and timeless, and the fabric’s powder coating allows for a wide range of customised colours.

2 – Wire Guide and Wire Guide Extreme Blinds:

Wire Guide Blinds are a great option when side channels won’t work. By using the modular design to their advantage, wire guided blinds are subdivided and independently operated.

They use the same stainless steel system as the Zipscreen Blind – so lack of strength isn’t an issue.

3 – Veue Channel System:

Where wind and poor weather is a problem, our new Veue Deep Channel system is by far your strongest option.

The strength is in the design. Harsh winds push the fabric out and absorb the power without ripping the zip or fabric.

Your ocean view isn’t compromised either – the 1% open Outlook Privacy fabric reduces glare as the sun kisses the ocean.

Ultimately, living on the seafront exposes you to some of the toughest weather Mother Nature can throw at you – so you want your exterior blinds to be up for the fight.

For more information, contact a Stan Bond professional: www.stanbondsa.com.au/quote/.

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