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Top 3 Outside Blinds for Seafront Homes and Apartments

Seafront Blinds

Top 3 Blinds for Seafront Homes and Apartments

Everyone knows of the damaging effects weather can have on the exterior of your home, but what if your property is on the seafront? Living at the beach means amazing views and a great lifestyle. Unfortunately, it exposes you to the elements, meaning higher levels of weatherproofing and robustness are required than for inner suburbs homes. Adelaide suburbs such as Glenelg, Brighton, Seacliff & Henley Beach have amazing houses on the beachfront, which require blinds and awnings that can withstand the harsh salt sea spray.

Blinds work to regulate temperature and keep you safe and dry, but in harsher environments like the ocean, blinds need to be strong, flexible, durable and aesthetically

If you’re in the market for new blinds and live near the sea, we’ve put together the Top 3 Blinds for Sea Front Homes and Apartments.

1 – Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme Blinds:
Made from aluminium and stainless steel, the Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme Blinds thrive in coastal environments. They are often used on apartment buildings to enclose balcony areas, creating extended entertaining space and some protection against the seafront weather. The channels, zips, framing, posts and material are incredibly strong however they can still be damaged in storm or gale force conditions. Available in a range of colours and fabrics Zipscreen and Ziptrak blinds can be operated by hand or motorised. Using the Outlook Mode range of fabrics allows openings of 5% or 1% to allow control of glare and heat.

2 – Wire Guide and Wire Guide Extreme Blinds:
Wire Guide Blinds are a great option when side channels won’t work. Using the same modular design of Zipscreen, wire-guided blinds provide less protection from the weather however are able to be operated more easily in windy conditions. They use stainless steel wires to guide the blind up and down making it an easy to use option for most settings. Commonly used in seafront areas in Syndey, the Veue Wire Guide system used by Stan Bond is designed to suit minilaist architecture and when raised have less impact on the sea views.

3 – Aluminium Exterior Shutters:
Aluminium External Shutters are less commonly used for outside balcony and seafront homes in Adelaide, however, this option is hugely popular in Syndey and Queensland. The Aluminium Shutter is strong, allowing installation and use in conditions that fabric blinds are not designed for. Available in fixed on bi-folding, they can be designed to stacked away from your view when not in use. The ability to tilt the blades allows you to control the level of privacy and glare protection giving one-touch simplicity and long hassle free life.

If you live in a seafront home from Victor Habour to Seaford to Semaphore beach and beyond, Stan Bond’s team can help you choose the perfect outdoor blinds that will look great and last the distance.

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