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Ziptrak Blinds vs Zipscreen Blinds – What is the difference?

Outdoor entertaining is a major part of Adelaide living. With so many options for sun protection and outdoor blinds, we want to help our customers choose the right blind.

Stan Bond has been the only authorised manufacturer and wholesaler of both Ziptrak Blinds by Ziptrak and Zipscreen Blinds by Acmeda as well as other related products.

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Choosing Designs to Suit Your Style

Your home says a lot about your style. Everything – from how you arrange the pictures on the wall, to the way you coordinate carpets and furniture – correlates to who you are and how you want others to perceive you. Throwing bright colours on the wall, for instance, might mean you’re a little eccentric – whereas a simple and tactile rug communicates an understated sophistication. And this shouldn’t be any different for window furnishings.

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Outdoor Blinds Adelaide

Entertaining Outdoors All Year Round

South Australians love spending time outdoors. Whether that’s swimming at our beautiful beaches, watching sport at Adelaide Oval, walking through our beautiful nature parks, or simply spending quality time in our own backyards. But with the temperature dropping to single figures through winter, and often reaching the mid 40s in summer, how can South Australians protect themselves from the elements at home, without having to retreat indoors?

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Reducing External Noise Pollution in your Home

Excessive noise pollution is not only annoying, but can also be damaging to your health. Those living in areas with high-density traffic, major roads and airports are most at risk, however noise pollution can also come from other sources, like noisy neighbours, pets and construction sites. So how do you tackle external noise pollution easily without having to pack up and move?

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5 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

There are plenty of affordable ways to cool your home, all of which look great, will keep the energy bills down and keep the mosquitoes out. First thing’s first. Stopping the heat before it gets through your windows and into your home is priority number one. Once the heat gets in, it becomes increasingly difficult to cool your home. If you already know the day’s going to be hot, try cooling it down as soon as you wake up and go to work. You’ll thank yourself in the evening.

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Seafront Blinds

Top 3 Outside Blinds for Seafront Homes and Apartments

Everyone knows of the damaging effects weather can have on the exterior of your home, but what if your property is on the seafront? Living at the beach means amazing views and a great lifestyle. Unfortunately, it exposes you to the elements, meaning higher levels of weatherproofing and robustness are required than for inner suburbs homes. Adelaide suburbs such as Glenelg, Brighton, Seacliffe & Henley Beach have amazing houses on the beachfront, which require blinds and awnings that can withstand the harsh salt sea spray.

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Answers from the Experts

Answers From the Experts

Stan Bond aims to deliver the highest quality service possible. This includes answering any questions or queries customers may have in regards to their inside or outdoor blinds. Therefore, we would love to share and discuss some of the most commonly asked questions and answers from our experts! Of course, we always love hearing from you, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us through our website.

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Protecting Your Blinds From the Outdoors

As we delve further and further into the cold and darkness of winter, the time spent outside maintaining our homes exterior tends to decrease. We seem to find ourselves wrapped in thick layers on the couch dreaming of warmer times and avoiding cleaning and maintenance of our blinds.

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