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Answers From the Experts

Answers from the Experts

Answers from the Experts

Stan Bond aims to deliver the highest quality service possible. This includes answering any questions or queries customers may have in regards to their inside or outdoor blinds. Therefore, we would love to share and discuss some of the most commonly asked questions and answers from our experts! Of course, we always love hearing from you, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us through our website.

Roller Blinds and Holland Blinds? What’s the difference?

It comes down to how the blind is operated. Roller Blinds have a tube at the top with fabric falling down to block out the window. These are generally chain operated. Holland blinds use a spring operation instead of a chain.

What are Combo Blinds?

Combo Blinds are dual blinds with twice the features for day and night. They have two roller blinds on the same bracket, with one open screen fabric and one blockout fabric. Combo Blinds provide improved insulation, privacy and glare protection for day and night.

Do Roller Blinds work well over sliding doors?

There are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about installing blinds over sliding doors.

  1. Will the blinds fit over the face of the doorframe?
  2. Where will the blinds split in relation to the sliding doors?
  3. Will there be chains hanging in the middle of a doorway?

Always make sure to ask a Stan Bond professional who will be able to assist with installation of blinds over sliding doors.

What are the specific safety requirements on inside blinds with respect to children?

Any chain hanging lower that 1600mm must be restrained so a child’s head cannot fit through a loop. To ensure complete safety standards, make sure all blinds are installed by a Stan Bond professional. We cannot install blinds contradicting the law, even if the owner has requested an exception.

What’s the best way to choose colours for Powder Coated Awnings?

Choosing colours for your home is always difficult, but it can be fun! When looking at all external products, consider the colour of your roof, guttering, windows, garage, doors, woodwork and fence, making sure you choose complementary colours. Furthermore, try to avoid colours that don’t quite match up, as they can look strange. It’s important to remember, dark colours absorb heat and light colours reflect the light.

Roller Blinds High Res 76 | Stan Bond AdelaideCan you match Powder Coated Awnings to a paint colour?

Unfortunately not. Unlike paints, which can be tinted, powder coatings are pre-produced in a factory. Powder coatings cannot be tinted successfully as two colours will not blend together and instead causes a spotted, speckled look.

For more answers from the experts visit our FAQ page.

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