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Enjoy open-air entertaining all year round with Zipscreen Blinds. Using ‘zLOCK’ technology that locks the fabric into a patented side-channel design, your blind is sure to hold taut.

Specifically designed to enclose alfresco entertaining areas, patios, balconies and verandahs, Zipscreen Blinds also look great against windows, so they can complement almost any area. Custom designed and manufactured, the Zipscreen system can be made in widths of up to 5m and drops up to 4m, offering you the ultimate in external shading solutions.

Developed by Australia’s largest blind and shading system designer, Rollease Acmeda, this product serves as a sleek, secure, and durable alternative to traditional awnings or roller shutters. Designers took specific attention to ensuring the Box, Rails and Components were designed with a European finish, to suit the latest contemporary exterior architecture of Australian homes.

Often compared to the Ziptrak® Blind system, the Zipscreen offers a refined look which many customers prefer. The class-leading soft lift springs, crank operated gearbox and motorisation control options allow the product to suit a variety of home and commercial applications.

For larger openings, the Zipscreen Extreme, using commercial grade stainless steel componentry, allows for spans up to 7m wide and 5m drop. This impressive system is delightfully easy to use and sits beautifully flat in even the most challenging of installations.

Track Guided blinds such as Zipscreen add value to your home and make areas usable all year round. Compare the range of options and the expertise Stan Bond can offer by coming to our display centre only 10 minutes North East of Adelaide CBD or or talk to a consultant about finding the right Blinds for your home today.

If you are building or renovating, be sure to contact us early so we can help ensure the correct provisions are made on your outdoor structure.

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What’s New:

Rollease Acemda’s range of Automate motors are specifically designed for Zipscreen Blinds and include unique one-touch closure, locking and tensioning features. Combine with the Automate Hub to control your blinds using your mobile phone, timers or sun sensors.

What’s Popular:

Zipscreen Blinds are often chosen by customers when they are looking for the sleek finish of a fully enclosed product. The 125mm square box is significantly smaller and neater than the other options on the market.

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How does it work?

The Zipscreen is a well designed and engineered system of hardware and fabric that fully encloses an opening. A spline is welded to each side of the fabric, which is wrapped around an aluminium top tube that can be covered by a modern square box cassette.

At each side of the blind is an inner and outer channel that attaches to a post or wall, which the fabric slides down and is captured within the channel. A powder coated bottom rail is also attached to the fabric curtain and can be fitted with a bumper strip or fabric flap for larger gaps and on uneven surfaces.  An integrated feeding funnel and hidden top stop ensure the fabric remains held in the channels.


Zipscreen Blinds come standard with a manual spring-loaded operation. You also have the option of a manual crank function or a Somfy or Acmeda motor with remote control.

Design Choice:

Available in a range of contemporary fabrics, including clear or tinted PVC, shade-weave mesh and a privacy mesh. You can also choose to have enclosed head-box covers or hoods, as well as a variety of custom powder-coated colours to match and complement any home or building.


With Adelaide’s largest choice of outdoor fabrics, you can choose from a broad range of colours, patterns and textures – including the latest generation PVC coated woven polyester mesh, and acrylic fabrics.

Zipscreen Blinds work well with Clear PVC. At Stan Bond, we use the highest quality low shrink japanese clear available to ensure you get the best outcome from this volatile product.



Some of the main differences between Zipscreen and Ziptrak include the headbox shape, channeling system and hold down locks. The Stan Bond team have provided an in depth comparison of the two Outdoor Blinds on our Blog. The full article highlighting the differences between Zip Screen and Zip Track can be read HERE.


On average, Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds cost between $800 to $1,700. For larger areas over 5 metres wide, motorised Zipscreen Extreme can cost between $3,000 to $4,000. 


Zip screen Outdoor Blinds can made up to 2.8 metres wide with a 3.2 metre drop. For larger areas, Zipscreen Extreme is available which is a heavy duty Zipscreen system specifically designed for larger spaces. Zipscreen Extreme can reach up to 7 metres wide with a 4 metre drop. Zipscreen Extreme Blinds must be motorised for ease of use due to their large size. 


Zipscreen Blinds are wind resistant, however they are not designed to stop strong winds. It is recommended that the blinds be raised during strong winds or storms as they can damage your blind.  


With Zipscreen Blinds, you have the choice of 1% openness mesh, 5% openness mesh or PVC.  All mesh options allow you to see through the Zipscreen, however 1% openness mesh has a tighter weave, which will block out more view, sunlight, wind and rain. 5% openness mesh is the most popular option. PVC is completely see through but does need frequent cleaning.