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Vertical Blinds, sometimes called Louvre Drapes, are a simple and affordable way to cover large areas of glass. Using slim blades of fabrics, which hang from a track positioned above doors and windows, each panel is weighted to allow effortless operation.
The Resurgence of the Vertical Blind
Despite Vertical Blinds being around for many, many years, they remain one of our highest selling interior products due to their clean and classic design. Recently launched modern fabric options, and decorative tracking systems, have brought the Vertical Blind back into consideration for many homes – even if just for areas that have wide expanses. These blinds are particularly popular in offices and other commercial areas where light control, ease of use and low maintenance are important.The light control and privacy provided by Vertical Blinds makes them one of the most versatile internal blinds. Blades can be tilted to provide natural light with some privacy, opened fully to allow views to the outside world or drawn back to a small stack to allow access through a doorway.Rediscover how modern Vertical Blinds can look at our display centre, or talk to a consultant about finding the right blinds for your home today. Don’t forget, if you are building a new home, bring in your plans so we can help find the perfect solution.
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The Latest trends

What's New In Vertical blinds

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What's New

The Louvolite range of fabrics brings European style to Adelaide homes. The large collection of fabric colours, patterns and prints are modern and stylish, providing options that have been previously impossible to find in anything but Curtain fabrics.

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What's Popular

Wand operation removes the need for cords or chains on the blind and makes it child safe without the installation of extra restraints. Effortlessly glide the blind open and closed or twist the wand to rotate the blades and provide privacy and light control.

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What's Trending

Our Favourite Vertical Blinds Look. Vertical blinds look particularly modern when using plain, block colour fabrics such as light grey, with chainless weights and wand operation. This provides an easy to use, child safe blind that, when closed, greatly reduces the light and heat allowed into the room.

Create Your Look

Versatile & Practical

Vertical blinds are a versatile and practical option that combines functionality with sleek design. Vertical blinds come in many fabrics and colours and perfect for allowing you to control the amount of light and privacy in your space.

Light Control

Precise control over the amount of sunlight in the room.


Provides excellent privacy whilst maintaining style in your room.

Wide Range

Classic, contemporary, or textured fabrics are available in a wide range of colours.

Easy Operation

Control your blinds with a wand, cord, or motorised system for an effortless operation.

Low Maintenance

Vertical slats are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Space Saving

Vertical blinds neatly stack to one side, maximising your usable space.

features & benefits

Rediscover how modern Vertical Blinds can look at our display centre, or talk to a consultant about finding the right blinds for your home today. Don’t forget, if you are building a new home, bring in your plans so we can help find the perfect solution.

Increase Privacy

Range Of Fabrics

Easy Operation

Improve light control and the privacy of your room with the option of 180-degree blade rotation, or by drawing or stacking the blades off the window.

  • 63mm
  • 89mm
  • 100mm
  • 127mm

Stan Bond has a broad range of coloured and textured fabrics to suit any taste and the aesthetic of any room.

  • Bottom weight options:
  • Chained
  • Chainless
  • Sewn-in

With the option of wand control or cord operation, Vertical Blinds can stack to the left or right side of the window, or with an opening at the centre.

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Stan Bond offer a free no-obligation consultation on vertical blinds. Our expert consultants will help you with your project and provide you with a free quote.



We provide an in-home consultation offering expert advice on all your options, and recommendations based on your personal style, needs, and budget.



We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide a customised design solution, ensuring the final product is of high quality and meets your expectations.



Our experienced installers measure the windows, prepare the space, and fit your curtains with precision and care to ensure a perfect fit and a polished finished look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Blinds are made in Adelaide. We have owned and operated our manufacturing plant in Newton, South Australia since 1980 and the company employs over 70 Adelaide staff. We manufacture over 98% of the products we sell with only a couple of niche exceptions. Stan Bond is SA’s largest manufacturer of Blinds, Awnings & Security products.

There are laws in place to protect children from accidental injury on blind & curtain chains. Any chain or cord hanging lower than 1600mm from the floor must be restrained so a child’s head cannot fit through any loop formed. We cannot install blinds in a manner that contravenes the law even if the owner of the residence requests an exception.

Stan Bond offers a no-obligation free measure and quotation. So book a consultation with us today – we’re happy to visit your home or provide you with a video-conference virtual consultation. Easy!

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