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5 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer


5 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

There are plenty of affordable ways to cool your home, all of which look great, will keep the energy bills down, and keep the mosquitoes out.

First thing’s first. Stopping the heat before it gets through your windows and into your home is priority number one. Once the heat gets in, it becomes increasingly difficult to cool your home. If you already know the day’s going to be hot, try cooling it down as soon as you wake up and go to work. You’ll thank yourself in the evening.

1. Install exterior blinds or awnings.

Awnings are perfect for preventing the heat from the sun penetrating the glass of the window and entering your home. Blockout fabrics such as canvas will have the greatest effect, but even mesh will cut down the amount of heat transfer.

Use external blinds and awnings to shade one windrow from direct sun or for an even better effect, cover as many windows as possible.

Increasingly, South Australian homes have been using blinds and awnings to regulate and reduce their energy usage. Stan Bond’s range can be customised to suit any size or style of home.

2. Open doors and windows in the evening.

Cool your home naturally when the sun goes down. It’s great to get a bit of a breeze and circulation through the house and if you’ve got a fan, turn it on to speed up the process.

Of course, it’s important to keep your contents safe. Crimsafe security doors and screens are stainless steel security mesh and frame systems that allow regular doors and windows to be kept open without compromising safety. They also work as a great insect screen!

3. Apply 3M Solar Film.

There are two great options when applying 3M Solar Film with Stan Bond. The 3M Tinted Solar Control Film can block up to 79% of solar heat gain, while the 3M Prestige Film uses the latest multilayered technology to reduce heat gain by nearly 60% without noticeably tinting the window.

Have a look at Stan Bond’s range of climate control films online or in store.

4. Install pelmets on your blinds and curtains.

Pelmets are perfect for a hot climate.

Because hot air rises and cold air falls, pelmets work to block the hot air from going up and over the top of the curtain and then out into your room, therefore, creating an insulating barrier.

By blocking the thermal current, you’ll trap air in front of the curtains, cool the room and keep your energy bills down.

5. Dark colours outside, light on the inside.

By choosing dark coloured exterior window furnishings, you’ll be soaking up the heat trying to get in your house. Additionally, by choosing lighter colours on the inside, the cool air from within is then reflected back into the house.

Stan Bond has a broad range of exterior blinds and awnings to match any colour set.

This summer, if you’re looking to get serious about keeping cool and reducing your energy bills, follow our top 5 tips. You’re sure to be thanking us on those unpleasant 40+oC days! Give us a call on 8336 2066 or visit us at our Campbelltown showroom.

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