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Outdoor Blinds Damaged in Stormy Weather?

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Outdoor Blinds Damaged in Stormy Weather?

Unfortunately, South Australia didn’t get the start to spring it was hoping for. We saw rain, hail, strong winds and even floods – not the best weather for your outdoor blinds.

So, what’s your plan of attack when your blinds get damaged?

Step 1: Make sure the area is safe.

It’s incredibly important to assess the area to ensure safety before you do anything to your outdoor blinds. Particularly if it’s still blowing a gale outside, broken blinds and debris can thrash about or fly through the air and potentially cause injuries.

Step 2: Make sure the blinds are safe.

A number of things may have happened. Your blinds may have fallen from their brackets or tracks, supporting posts may be damaged, the fabric could be destroyed or the spring, crank or motor that operates your system might now be faulty.

For now, it’s best to wind your blinds to the upright position so they can’t move around in the wind. If the operating system is broken, or if it’s difficult to wind up, you will need to safely get to the top of the roller and wind it up by hand.

Step 3: Photograph the damage.

By taking photos of the damage and surrounding area, you’ll have proof for any insurance you might need to claim.

It’s also a great idea to have a few images of the blinds and any broken parts, in case you need to speak to a Stan Bond professional about replacements. We stock a broad range of spare parts so you’ll be sure to find a replacement.

Step 4: Call or email us.

Most blinds can be easily repaired, resewed or replaced. So don’t worry if you can’t DIY or can’t get the right parts, our team of professionals will come and restore your blinds to their former glory.

By emailing us a few images of your damaged blinds, we can easily assess the steps needed to fix the issue. And don’t worry – if you didn’t purchase Ziptrak or Zipscreen Blinds with us, we can still help.

Step 5: Give them a clean.

If your blinds are still intact, or you’ve managed to fix the issue, your last step should be to give them a clean.

Start by giving them a good brush with a soft bristled brush, getting rid of smaller debris caught in the fabric. Avoid brushing the fabric too hard as it can damage the surface.

Then, get a warm wet sponge and dab it on any dirty areas. DO NOT SCRUB – scrubbing can remove dye from the fabric or damage the blind.

Always allow your blind to completely dry before retracting. This will avoid any mould or mildew that can stain and deteriorate the fabric.

By following these steps, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to save your damaged blinds.

Let’s hope that’s the last we see of that horrible weather!

Feel free to call or email Stan Bond at any time if you need assistance.

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