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Protecting Your Blinds From the Outdoors

Protecting Your Blinds From the outdoors

Ziptrak High Res 2 | Stan Bond AdelaideAs we delve further and further into the cold and darkness of winter, the time spent outside maintaining our home’s exterior tends to decrease. We seem to find ourselves wrapped in thick layers on the couch dreaming of warmer times and avoiding cleaning and maintenance of our blinds.

Cleaning and maintenance

Nevertheless, Stan Bond external blinds are an investment and an asset; therefore they must be cleaned and maintained.

Our blinds are subjected to the harsh Australian climate 24h a day, 7 days a week, meaning they, unfortunately, will not last as long as they could, unless maintained correctly. It is therefore important to clean and maintain your blinds as regularly as possible.

Find a waterproof jacket to prevent cold wet sleeves and prepare to face the elements. You will need to hose down the blind from time to time, but make sure you chose a dry day. Not only to avoid uncomfortable weather but to allow your blinds to dry. When it becomes time for a more thorough clean, a mild soap will be adequate, however, rinse immediately to avoid residue build up. Never use a hard cleaning fluid.

Damage prevention

It is important that the Stan Bond instructions are followed carefully. Although all Stan Bond products are manufactured for maximum durability and strength, there are instances where extra protection will ensure the longest possible lifespan.

Most Australian outdoor blinds are designed to protect from heat and sun and not specifically the wind. Your Stan Bond blinds will perform well in either the up or down position. However, if strong winds are forecast, make sure your blinds are properly rolled and secured to ensure they receive maximum protection from the wind.

By leaving them down, it will unnecessarily strain the joints and the materials. It is also worth rolling them up at night in case bad weather develops and catches you by surprise.

Stan Bond will install most outdoor blinds using screws rather than rivets. These are much stronger and by adding additional screws you will reduce the chance of damage.

Pro Tip: If your blinds are remote motorised, a wind sensor can be added to measure the wind speed and raise the blinds in high wind conditions.

What to do once your blinds have been damaged

So, what if the unthinkable happens. Your blinds are partially or totally ruined. Apart from calling your Stan Bond specialist, there are a number of things you can do.

If your Ziptrak and Zipscreen blinds have been pulled off the tracks, they can move around in the wind. This has the potential to damage the fabric, the posts or the surrounding area. It is best to return any damaged blind to the upward position.

If they are difficult to wind, you may need to roll it up by hand.

If they won’t stay up, there may be an issue with the springs inside. We recommend using a belt to wrap it around the top roller and bottom rail.

Be sure to photograph any damage and the general area as this will most likely make insurance much easier to handle.

Contact us

To help us identify the repairs needed email us ( the photos with your contact information. Our team will identify the likely steps needed to repair the blind and quickly come to the site to start the repair process.

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