Can you Buy Crimsafe Mesh Separately?

Crimsafe Security Door

Can You Buy Crimsafe Mesh Separately?

We sometimes get asked if Crimsafe stainless steel mesh can be purchased separately and applied to an existing security frame.

The simple answer is no. Here is an explanation as to why not. Stan Bond is a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe® Security products including Security Doors, Window Screens and Safe-S-Cape®.

We stand by the Crimsafe name and strength but Crimsafe is not the mesh alone. Crimsafe is a complete barrier screen security system comprising of :

  • 0.9mm 304 grade high tensile stainless steel mesh
  • patented Screw-Clamp  retention mechanism
  • tamper-resistant screws
  • high durability powder coating process

These unique elements are manufactured into frames that fit your unique door or window space precisely, creating the Crimsafe Security System. We have proven, through outstanding results in the independent dynamic impact testing at UNSW ADFA in 2009 that the Crimsafe system is better than the rest.

The way the mesh is driven deep into the frame, the screw clamp method of clamping the mesh in place, and the number, spacing, placement and type of screws and even the amount of torque applied to the screws all have a bearing on the strength of Crimsafe and have been subjected to scientific analysis to ensure they work together to deliver the level of strength expected of a true security system.

What this means for you is that you can be sure that Crimsafe security mesh is NOT going to tear out of the frame under impact. You would have no such assurance if Crimsafe stainless steel mesh was able to be purchased and installed into generic door or window frames. The Crimsafe product is more than just a tough flyscreen, it is a security product, so we can’t risk allowing others to install it into unknown hardware.

Crimsafe by Stan Bond is not the mesh alone. We can’t ensure the Crimsafe’s strength without using the full system.

For more information, head to our Crimsafe web page or the official Crimsafe website.

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