Crimsafe Fire Attenuation for Homes and Bush Fire Areas

Crimsafe Fire

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation for Homes and Bush Fire Areas

Did you know that Crimsafe could be used as part of fire engineering reports on unprotected openings of residential buildings (Class 2 Units)?

If your building design requires an engineering report or your property is in a bushfire zone and you want information on Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments read more below.

Crimsafe Screens by Stan Bond have excellent fire attenuation properties and has been tested by the CSIRO. Crimsafe is commonly used in fire engineering reports interstate to justify building openings that are closer to the boundary than permitted under the Deemed to Satisfy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

David Sloan is a South Australian based Chartered Fire Engineer (MIEAust, CPEng, NPER) who worked interstate and overseas before returning to Adelaide and establishing Florian Fire Consulting in 2013. David has experience preparing reports supporting the use of Crimsafe as an Alternative Solution in both Queensland and NSW and can prepare similar reports for SA.

Reports should only be prepared by accredited fire engineers. The radiant heat flux received by an object, such as a glass window, is dependent upon several variables, including the temperature and size of the heat source and the separation distance.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires any openings within 3m of a fire source to be protected and any openings within 6m of another building on the same allotment to be protected. The amount of attenuation screening required depends on the transmitter and receiver buildings and each building will have a particular fire load depending upon its use.

Appropriate design of openings located both on a boundary and within the building with the non BCA compliant openings need to be considered. A specific fire engineered report would be required for any premises where the use of Crimsafe was proposed. David can be contacted at

If you are ever asked about installing Crimsafe, but require a fire engineered report to justify the use of Crimsafe as a Building Code of Australia Alternative Solution, Florin Fire Consulting or Stan Bond with Crimsafe Adelaide may be able to assist. For information on SA Bushfire requirements see the SA Government website or the Victorian-based practical guide.

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation – Brochure

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