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Turn Your House Into a Crimsafe Home

Turn Your House Into a Crimsafe Home

With school holidays just around the corner, many South Australian families will be packing their bags for a getaway. But did you know that October is the busy season for thieves? Most break-ins occur because it’s too easy to enter the home, or it’s obvious people aren’t home. However, by taking some simple measures to protect the contents of your home, chances of theft dramatically decrease – because let’s face it – no thief wants to work too hard.

Install Crimsafe with Stan Bond

Crimsafe security screens have proved near impossible to penetrate. In dynamic impact testing, Crimsafe was the only security screen that came out five times more resistant (500 joules) to impact than the Australian Standard (100 joules). And it looks great too! Powder-coated frames and mesh provide simple, clean lines that suit both modern minimalist and traditional design homes – giving you maximum security, with a great view. As registered Crimsafe manufacturers, Stan Bond can measure, construct and install Crimsafe in your home.

While having Crimsafe security screens installed will provide you with peace-of-mind when you are away, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure your home is secure as it possibly can be:

  1. Check doors and windows before you leave. Make sure your house is totally locked-up and secure. Leave some curtains and blinds open to give the illusion that someone is around.
  2. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to help. Get them to put out your rubbish bins and collect your mail, newspapers, and any delivered packages.
  3. Install timers on lights and TV. Timers are cheap and easy to operate. Select a few rooms to become active at night and turn on outdoor lights around entrances. A dark house welcomes undesirable visitors…
  4. Don’t advertise your trip. It’s common for people to post all about an upcoming trip on social media, but avoid the urge. The more people knowing you’re away, the greater the chance of a break-in.

Take these simple measures to secure your home, and keep your valuables safe while you’re away.
Contact Stan Bond for a no-obligation assessment to turn your house into a Crimsafe home.

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