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How You Can Avoid Crimsafe Knock Off’s

Avoid Crimsafe Knock Off

How You Can Avoid Crimsafe Knock Off’s

Stan Bond is a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe Products and have been for nearly 10 years. The Crimsafe product is the strongest Stainless Steel Mesh security door because of its patented screw clamp locking system. Unfortunately, we hear all the time from customers, architects, specifiers, and builders that other companies are offering a product ‘equivalent’ to Crimsafe. It is simply not true!! Here is a great video about a customer who got an ‘equivalent’ product – Check out the video of how quickly it breaks!

This story was reported on the Crimsafe website –

“Recently, Crimsafe was contacted by a young family in Brisbane who had bought a house that was advertised as having Crimsafe screens. The previous owner of the home genuinely believed that they had paid for Crimsafe. When obtaining a quote for more Crimsafe on their home, the new owners were told by a registered Crimsafe Licensee that the existing screens were a cheap imitation of Crimsafe. Crimsafe Technical Manager visited the home and confirmed that the security screens and doors installed were not Crimsafe.

Since then Crimsafe has arranged, on this occasion, to replace various screens with genuine Crimsafe at its cost. However, the family have been horrified to discover that what has actually been on their home posing as a security screen for the last 2 and a half years is no more than over-priced fly screens falsely advertised as Crimsafe, providing zero protection.”

To see how Crimsafe preforms in comparison to its competitors, see the Crimpact Zone videos HERE.

CRIMSAFE is the REGISTERED BRAND NAME of the leading security screen system for windows and doors that uses a unique hi-tensile 0.9mm 304 grade stainless steel wire mesh that is locked into the screen frame using an internationally patented screw-clamp system. Stan Bond is one of only 2 Adelaide Retailer Manufacturer licensees of Crimsafe.


Crimsafe is a unique product that has no equivalent in its product category. The source, grade, and weave of the 0.9mm 304 stainless steel wire mesh are also EXCLUSIVE TO CRIMSAFE.

To ensure your get the Real Crimsafe give us a call on 08 8336 2066 or check out our Crimsafe Products Page.

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