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Fabric Options for Internal Blinds

Stan Bond offers a huge range of fabrics from all the major suppliers. As a major manufacturer of custom made blinds we hold bulk rolls of some of the most popular fabrics. This ensures our prices are affordable and our lead times are quick.

Below we have listed the fabrics we use in Roller BlindsRoman Blinds & Panel Glide Blinds.


Uniline 5th Avenue
Four Families Anais Block Out
Wilsons Arizona Firm B/0
Wilsons Arizona Firm Light Filtering
Shann Aspect Castille
Shann Aspect N View 3%
Shann Aspect Porto Block Out
Shann Aspect S View 3%
Shann Aspect Translucent
Louvolite Aspen
Shaw Aston
Four Families Atlanta Block Out
Four Families Atlanta Translucent Fr
Radins Attica
Louvolite Aura
Wilsons Austin Firm Block Out
Wilsons Austin Firm Light Filtering
Texstyle Balmoral Bo
Texstyle Balmoral Lf
Radins Baltic Block Out
Radins Baltic Translucent
Texstyle Barbados Block Out
Louvolite Baroque
Four Families Berkley Block Out
Four Families Berkley Translucent
Wilsons Blizzard Firm Block Out
Wilsons Blizzard Firm Light Filtering
Louvolite Blossom
Louvolite Bolero
Wilsons Boston Firm Block Out
Wilsons Boston Firm Light Filtering
Wilsons Broom Block Out
Wilsons Broome Firm Block Out
Wilsons Broome Firm Light Filtering
Four Families Bublin Block Out
Uniline Caffe Blockout
Radins Cambridge
Louvolite Candy Stripe
Radins Carnaby Block Out
Radins Carnaby Translucent
Louvolite Carnival
Bricos Centro Blockout F/R
Bricos Centro Project
Louvolite Chatworth
Louvolite Chenille
Four Families Cirrus Block Out
Louvolite Coloutex
Wilsons Comet Firm Block Out
Wilsons Comet Firm Light Filtering
Wilsons Concord Firm Block Out
Wilsons Concord Firm Light Filtering
Louvolite Contex Spc
Louvolite Cotswold
Four Families Cumulus Block Out
Louvolite Dahlia Blackout
Shaw Daintree Block Out
Shaw Daintree Light Filtering
Texstyle Dakota
Louvolite Dapple Spc+
Uniline Dawn Eco
Uniline Dawn Essentials
Uniline Dawn Mini
Uniline Dawn Studio Cherry Blossom
Uniline Dawn Studio Cosmos
Uniline Dawn Studio Damask
Uniline Dawn Studio Ornate
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Astro Brights
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Astro Pastel
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Blossom Brights
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Blossom Pastel
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Moxie Brights
Uniline Dawn Studio Vivid Moxie Pastel
Uniline Dawn Studio Whisper
Blindware Deco N203
Blindware Deco N203 -Bi Coloured
Radins Decoscreen
Bricos Designer Collection
Bricos Designer Label Sunscreen
Wilsons Detroit Firm Block Out
Wilsons Detroit Firm Light Filtering
Wilsons Dune Firm Block Out
Wilsons Dune Firm Light Filtering
Bricos Ecobalance Pvc Free
Radins Elegance
Radins Elements
Bricos Elite Block Out
Bricos Emporium
Mermet Enduris E Screen Koolblack
Radins Enduris Mermet 7505
Radins Enduris Mermet 7510
Radins Enduris Mermet 8504
Radins Enduris Mermet 8505
Texstyle Enviroshade
Texstyle Enviroshade (Metallised)
Four Families Fed Square Block Out
Icl Finesse Blockout Flock
Icl Finesse Mesh 250
Icl Finesse Mesh 320
Wilsons Florida Firm Block Out
Wilsons Florida Firm Light Filtering
Texstyle Focus
Wilsons Fontana Firm Block Out
Wilsons Fontana Firm Light Filtering
Louvolite Fresco
Louvolite Geo
Louvolite Glacier
Mermet Green Screen Revive
Mermet Green Screen Vela Met
Four Families Greenwich Block Out
Louvolite Guardian
Louvolite Harmony
Louvolite Harvest
Louvolite Havana
Louvolite Hessian Blackout
Louvolite Honeysuckle
Wilsons Husk Sheer Firm Light Filtering
Icl Ic Screen X5
Shaw Icon
Louvolite Jamboree
Wilsons Kakadu Firm Block Out
Wilsons Kakadu Firm Light Filtering
Radins Kaschgar
Four Families Katoomba Block Out
Louvolite Kendo
Radins Kenross Blackout
Radins Kenross Translucent
Texstyle Kew Blockout
Bricos Kiribati Blockout
Bricos Kiribati Privacy
Bricos Kiribati Translucent
Louvolite Laurel
Wilsons Lava Firm Block Out
Wilsons Lava Firm Light Filtering
Shaw Le Reve Block Out
Shaw Le Reve Light Filtering
Louvolite Leno
Louvolite Liberty
Louvolite Linear
Louvolite Linear (Wide Width)
Louvolite Linen
Radins Lintex Blackout
Radins Lintex Tranparent
Louvolite Madrid Spc
Shaw Mantra Block Out
Shaw Mantra Light Filtering
Louvolite Marle
Louvolite Marle Blackout
Louvolite Matrix
Louvolite Matrix Blackout
Uniline Melaleuca
Wilsons Mercury Firm Block Out
Wilsons Mercury Firm Light Filtering
Texstyle Metro Shade Block Out
Texstyle Metro Shade Light Filtering
Uniline Mini Dawn
Ricky Richards Mode
Ricky Richards Mode Privacy 1
Wilsons Moma Firm Block Out
Wilsons Moma Firm Light Filtering
Louvolite Montana Blackout
Uniline Mosaic
Louvolite Mystique
Bricos Newport Block Out
Bricos Newport Translucent
Louvolite Nocturne (Coloured Backing)
Louvolite Nocturne (White Backing)
Blindware Novoscreen Balance
Ricky Richards Outlook Fusion
Bricos Palau Blockout
Bricos Palau Translucent
Icl Palladium
Louvolite Palm
Shaw Palm Beach Block Out
Shaw Palm Beach Light Filtering
Louvolite Panacea
Louvolite Panama
Four Families Parnell Fr
Uniline Pearlized
Radins Peninsula Blackout
Radins Peninsula Translucent
Louvolite Pharoah
Blindware Picturesque Plus 4505
Blindware Picturesque Plus 4506
Blindware Picturesque+4303
Blindware Picturseque Plus 4505
Louvolite Pinstripe
Louvolite Plaintex
Radins Plaza Plus
Louvolite Polka Dot
Louvolite Pom Pom
Louvolite Poppy
Texstyle Positano Block Out
Radins Quay
Four Families Quebec Block Out
Four Families Rami Fr
Louvolite Regency Spc
Louvolite Regency Stripe
Louvolite Rio
Texstyle Riviera Block Out
Texstyle Riviera Light Filtering
Icl Rollershade
Bricos Roma Line Block Out
Bricos Rr Screen Trend
Radins Saba Screen
Louvolite Samba
Bricos Sassari Block Out
Bricos Sassari Translucent
Louvolite Satin
Bricos Scarborough B/0
Bricos Scarborough Translucent
Shaw Screen
Bricos Screen Optic Net Series
Bricos Screen Optulence
Louvolite Secoura
Louvolite Serenade
Louvolite Serenade Blackout
Texstyle Serengetti Block Out
Texstyle Serengetti Light Filtering
Radins Seychelles
Blindware Shangtung
Shaw Sheerweave 2390 Performance
Shaw Sheerweave 2410 Performance
Shaw Sheerweave 4300
Shaw Sheerweave 4500
Shaw Sheerweave 4510
Ricky Richards Sheerweave Luxury
Louvolite Shot Silk
Bricos Siena Blockout
Bricos Siena Translucent
Blindware Signum- Metallised
Blindware Signum- Non Metalised
Texstyle Solar View
Icl Solarview 911
Icl Solarview 922
Wilsons Spencer Firm Block Out
Wilsons Spencer Firm Light Filtering
Four Families St Lucia
Mtc Stamford B/0
Mtc Stamford Light Filtering
Louvolite Strata Spc
Bricos Summit Blockout
Bricos Summit Curtain Blockout
Bricos Summit Translucent
Blindware Sunbloc
Louvolite Taffeta Blackout
Radins Tanami Blackout
Louvolite Topaz
Four Families Tremont Blockout
Four Families Tremont Translucent Fr
Louvolite Tudor
Wilsons Tuscany Firm Block Out
Wilsons Tuscany Firm Light Filtering
Louvolite Tutti Fruiti
Radins Undara
Uniline Uniview 10% 1X1
Uniline Uniview 5% 2X2
Uniline Uniview 5% 2X2 External
Uniline Uniview External 5% 2 X 2
Shaw Urbanshade Fr
Radins Velamet
Shaw Vibe Xtra
Louvolite Vines
Louvolite Viva
Texstyle Vivid Shade
Louvolite Voile
Louvolite Whisper
Radins Willandra Blackout
Radins Willandra Translucent
Bricos Windsor Block Out
Bricos Windsor Translucent
Radins Zen

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