How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation Shutters are the luxury lifestyle choice for your windows, but do they come with a luxury price tag? We’re here to answer your price, value and quality queries for Plantation Shutters in Adelaide.

How expensive are Plantation Shutters?

The cost of Plantation Shutters in Adelaide is based on the material and the size. Generally the cost of shutters is between $350 – $450 per square meter for PVC or Timber Shutters including standard installation. Western Red Cedar Shutters and Aluminium Shutters are generally more expensive and range from $450 – $900 per square meter  installed.

Generally customers should be concerned if a Plantation Shutter is cheaper than $350 per square meter. At this price the product is likely to be very poor quality or the company will have extra hidden costs such as Installation or framing. 

What other things affect Plantation Shutters cost?

When buying Plantation Shutters, some extras may increase the cost of the Shutters including:

  • Custom Painted Colours
  • Custom Shapes
  • Different blade types and sizes
  • Blockout Shutter styles
  • Extra Timbers
  • Shutters that are out of square
  • Installation

Some companies play games with pricing and make the headline price very low but charge a lot for these extras in order to bump up the total price. Dealing with a quality company like Stan Bond means you can trust the pricing given and the product will always be great value for money.

Which type of Plantation Shutter is best?

When choosing Adelaide Plantation Shutters you will generally have the choice of PVC, Basswood Timber, Paulownia Timber, Western Red Cedar and Aluminium. The choice of which Plantation Shutter is generally based on the application as the materials are better suited for different areas of the home.

Shutters for Bedrooms and Living Areas

Basswood is considered the best choice for Timber Shutters as it is strong, stable, light and can span large widths. However, Basswood is becoming harder to source so many suppliers are moving to Paulownia Timber shutters which is a quicker growing and easier to source option. Paulownia has a greater risk of warping and twisting when compared to Basswood but is still a premium quality choice.

Shutters for Bathrooms and Wet Areas

PVC is the most common option for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries because it is able to be splashed or exposed to steam without being damaged. Whereas Timber Shutters can swell with continuous exposure to water and steam. Many companies have PVC shutters that look different to the Timber products but Stan Bond’s Loov shutters have a consistent look, size and colour range across both Timber and PVC.

Aluminium Shutters for Outside

Aluminium Shutters are the best option for outside. Powder coated Aluminium lasts in the Australian sun and is tough enough to cope with the elements. Some people are concerned that aluminium shutters provide less insulation but most customers report similar thermal and sound insulation between timber and aluminium shutters.

How do I buy Plantation Shutters?

Here at Stan Bond, we sell Aluminium, PVC and Basswood Plantation Shutters.

If you’d like to organise for a free no obligation measure and quote, please contact our team on (08) 8336 2066 or [email protected]

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