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How To Fix a Broken Roller Blind Chain

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Roller Blinds are operated via a simple chain system. If you’ve ever pulled the chain in the wrong way it can lead to stuck the chain inside the plastic wheel and eventually pops off the mechanism so no longer you can control your roller blind with the chain. Fortunately, these are also easy to fix.

We regularly get calls on this one, so we thought we would share this article and video on how you can fix it yourself at home.

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First of all, carefully retract two brackets from the wall so you can remove the roller blind and take it to your hand. If your blind is in the down position make sure you roll it up to the maximum. Now take the blind to a flat surface and carefully remove the chain mechanism wheel from it. Then you’ll find a screw that needs to be removed using a standard screwdriver in order to access the inner section of the chain wheel.

Once you removed the screw, carefully pull the cap (it won’t detach) to a position where you can insert the chain. Insert the chain and push the cap so the chain cannot fall off and insert the screw to fix it (do not tighten excessively). When you screw the nut hold the opposite edge of the wheel so you won’t lose any parts when you are tightening it. Now the wheel is fixed with the chain.

Next, insert the wheel back to the blind. Now you are almost finished fixing it. Before you hook it back on the wall, just give a little flick to the other wheel (not the end you screwed), so it’ll pop a pin which is needed to come out in order to hook. First, attach the end with wheel mechanism to the respective wall bracket. When attaching make sure the semi-covered part is upside. Finally, attach the remaining end on your wall as well.

That’s it! Now you have fixed your broken roller blind chain in no time.

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