Screen Door Options For Your Home


Screen Door Options For Your Home

At this time of year, it is often nice to be able to open up your home in the evening and let in the cool sea or gully breezes. However, security and insects can be a problem if you don’t have the right doors and screens installed. In this blog, we will explore the different options you have to make your home safe and easy to cool.

Crimsafe Security Screens and Security Doors

Crimsafe is the top of the range Security Screen system. It is incredibly strong against real-life attacks and is proven to be much stronger than all of the opposition products. It is one of the only products in the Stan Bond range where we can absolutely prove it is better than the rest. Security is really important for Screens that you wish to have open overnight because it is the only protection for you and your family against the world. The worst burglaries are those where the owners are home, often asleep. There would be very few events as traumatic as waking to the noise of someone in your home.

It is for this reason that Stan Bond strongly recommends Crimsafe Security Doors and Crimsafe Security Screens for openings that you plan to leave open whilst you sleep or relax at the opposite end of your home.

Crimsafe Screen Doors are not the cheapest Stainless Screen Doors on the market and some companies claim their cheaper alternates are just as safe. The evidence shows that is just not true, so seriously consider whether a $100 saving is worth it.

Crimsafe Mesh has an opening size (between the mesh strands) of 1.5mm x 1.5mm Normal flyscreen has an opening of 1.3mm x 1.5mm so Crimsafe still keeps out most insects and if you spray a surface insect repellent on your screens you’ll increase that substantially.

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Cast Panel Security Door

Cast Panel Security Doors are available in Hinged and Sliding styles but are often not available for Security Screens due to the fixed size of the Cast Panels.

Cast Panel Doors are great for front entrance ways because they offer a more classical look with a range of Cast Panel designs to suit most home styles. Cast Panel doors are often paired up with 3 point locks to increase their security and DVA restricted vision mesh (often incorrectly called One Way Mesh) to provide privacy when a person comes to the door. Importantly, restricted vision mesh does dramatically reduce airflow and provides no extra security in the door expect privacy.

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Diamond Grille Screens and Doors

The traditional ‘Amplimesh’ style Diamond Grille Mesh was very common through the 80’s and 90’s. The process of expanding the mesh was designed by a South Australian a created a much stronger security door than the flydoors that existed before it. Diamond Grille screens are great for windows and doors as they provide a good level of security at a low price point.

Be aware that Grille Screens are not as secure as Crimsafe Mesh and testing has shown that a person can still get through a Diamond Grille door or screen with minimal time. However, getting through the mesh makes a lot of noise making this product appropriate for at home security as you will likely be alerted before a burglar has made entry.

Diamond grille screens can be wired with Aluminium or Fibreglass flywire and have the option of ‘pet mesh’ and tuffscreen for high wear products.

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Stan Bond has a complete range of Security and Insect screening options for your home or business. From high-security Crimsafe products to inexpensive Diamond Grille screens you can be protected from flys, mosquitos and other insects as well as the burglars.

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