Protect Your Home From Repeat Burglaries


Protect Your Home From Repeat Burglaries

An interesting article posted on the Tasmania Police Service website looks at this disturbing pattern regarding repeat burglaries.

Details of this article first appeared on the Tasmania Police Service Website.

Unfortunately, once you have been burgled there is a very real possibility that you could be burgled again, and this could occur within a relatively short period of time. The same burglar/s who committed the initial burglary, or their associate/s, may be responsible for the repeated burglary.

Reasons for repeat burglaries can include the following –

  • Burglars know there are additional items of value in a home and view it as an easy target because they cannot see any obvious improvements in the security of the home
  • Burglars may try to burgle a home again within 4-6 weeks of the first burglary because they think that the goods previously stolen will have been replaced through insurance
  • Burglars may return because they now have a buyer for some particular item they saw on the first occasion
  • Burglars return to burgle other residential buildings (e.g. if the garden shed was broken into on the first occasion, the home may be burgled on a return visit), and
  • Burglars acting independently of each other may consider the house to be an attractive target on separate occasions. For example, a house which is often empty has poor security and is located in an isolated area is likely to be an attractive target to most burglars.

If you have been burgled recently and you think it is possible that your residence may be vulnerable to a repeat burglary for any of the reasons outlined above, it is strongly recommended that you address any security shortfalls that may leave your home and garage/shed vulnerable to burglary.

If You have Recently been Broken In to – Take Immediate Action to Secure your Home with Crimsafe

Regardless of the type of offence or the location, international studies consistently show most repeat incidents occur relatively soon after the initial event. The risk of re-victimization diminishes markedly over time. Between 1/4 to 1/2 of repeat residential burglaries occur within one month of the first incident.

Adding Crimsafe Doors and Windows to your home will help make it less attractive to potential burglars.

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