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Top Tips For Investing In Curtains

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What to take into consideration when buying curtains

Curtains. They can make a room. But, if elements such as colour, fabric, line, and length are wrong, they can break a room. With so many decisions to make, how do you narrow down these options to ensure you get something that you love and your friends and family do too?

Colour and fabric

Materials add texture to the room and dictate how well the curtains function and hold up over time. Too heavy, and they’ll wear down the operating systems. Too light, and they won’t sit or fall properly. When we specify and install curtains, we take into consideration the way that each fabric pleats and drapes against every window. If the fabric flares, it’s a no-go. It’s also important to remember that sunlight fades certain fabrics more than others. So, unless you like changing the style of your rooms regularly, bright colours should generally be avoided.

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We recommend a more neutral colour palette that works with your overall aesthetic, remembering that paler tones reflect light, while darker tones absorb heat. Materials such as linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet, are probably your best option due to the way they hang. However, if you’re looking for something more durable that will block out the light and keep in the heat, fabrics like suede, velvet, tapestry, or tweed will do the job.

Line and length

When installing Sawade curtains with Stan Bond, our team takes into consideration three questions:

How high do you want your curtains to hang off the wall?

How close to the floor do you want your curtains to fall?

And, how wide do you want your curtains?

Because curtains are a textural element, used to soften the overall feel of the room, the answers to these questions will dictate how much the furnishings will impact the space. For instance, the higher you hang your curtains, the taller the room feels. Generally, interior designers will specify that furnishings sit at around 150mm above the window frame.

If you’re planning on installing a pelmet or you’re looking for something more dramatic, you’ll need to go higher. Curtains that gather on the floor work best when aiming for a more traditional aesthetic. If so, an extra 50-70mm will need to be added to the overall length of the drapery. However, if you want to keep it contemporary and fresh, hang your curtains flush to the floor. You’ll also want to add around 90mm to either side of your window frame. That way you won’t be covering the glass when you open your curtains and they won’t get in the way. Also, if you’re installing block out curtains, those extra millimetres will ensure the sun stays outside.

In-home measure and quote

To ensure curtains are manufactured to your exact requirements, call Stan Bond on 8336 2066 or visit our display centre at 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown. Our expert team will guarantee all colours, textures, finishes, and sizes blend with the current or desired aesthetic of every space.

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