Where to Buy Roller Blinds in Adelaide

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Where to Buy Roller Blinds in Adelaide

Roller Blinds otherwise known as Holland Blinds or Roll Up Blinds are a great window covering solution. Stan Bond is one of Adelaide’s largest blind manufacturers offering a great range of Roller Blinds and other blinds. Stan Bond has been in business since 1970 and, unlike many other blind retailers, actually makes the blinds in their Newton factory rather than just buying them in from interstate.

Here are the reasons why Roller Blinds might be a great choice for your home or business –

Modern Minimalist Styling

Roller blinds are a great choice if you are after a window covering that has simple lines. Roller Blinds offer a minimalist styling option which is currently very trendy this is because they fit very closely to the window and do not have a lot of excess fabric. They have small gaps on the sides of the blinds which can be a privacy concern (chat with your representative if this is important) but they block out a great deal of light.

Roller blinds can also be made with a huge range of fabrics including translucent fabrics, sunscreen fabrics, and block out fabrics. Of course, the fabrics are available in a range of colours and patterns from basic white roller blinds, through a modern cream palette to dark chocolate browns and black. You can choose the one that suits your home the best with assistance from one of our trained consultants. Currently some of the most popular fabric.

Huge Fabric & Colour Range

Stan Bond supports a huge range of fabrics including the ever popular Uniline Dawn 100% Polyester acrylic Coated, 370gsm weight fabric which is perfect for general areas and can be cleaned quite easily making it great for bathrooms and kitchens. Dawn is Australian made unlike most other fabrics on the marketing in this segment.

Picturesque+ 4505 a 30% polyester, 70% PVC range of PVC coated polyester screen fabrics available in 12 colours. It has a 2—2 basketweave construction, 5% openness and a fabric weight of 380gsm.If you are after a way of screening the sun’s glare and UV rays, you can’t go past a sunscreen fabric. These let in the light while screening out glare and rays and still allowing you to see outside.

Shaw Vibe – A 100% blackout fabric suitable for Vertical Blinds, Roller and Panel Blinds. Available in six widths from 89mm to 3000mm. Vibe offers a sophisticated colour range. The PVC free acrylic coating has anti-fade, easy clean and antifungal properties.

Roller Blinds are Flexible

Another benefit of roller blinds is how flexible they are. Roller Blinds can be operated by a spring mechanism, chain controller, wall-switch motor or remote control motor. The Spring and Chain options are low cost and can make a house full of roller blinds and easy to use, modern yet affordable option. This is why they are so popular at the moment. In difficult to reach areas, or if you are looking for that extra wow factor, Roller Blinds can be made using the Nice motor range or the <a “http://stanbondsa.com.au/interior-blinds/roller-blinds/”>Somfy motor range. Both motor options offer a range of ‘bells & whistles’ including linking into home automation system, raising and lower blinds based on sun and temperature readings.

Sometimes customers have difficult windows to cover such as oversized picture windows, sliding doors, stacker doors and wide patio systems. Stan Bond has one of the largest ranges of Roller Blind systems offering both the Acmeda range, which is Australia’s largest Roller Blinds system, and also the Blindware Rollease range which is huge around the world.

By offering both systems we can offer clients wide blind options such as:

  • Easylink/multilink Multilinks allow multiple blinds to be linked together using one motor or controller. This saves money and reduces the gap between the linked blinds. This is commonly used on wide windows with multiple panes of glass. Even corner or bay window blinds can be linked although it is less common.
  • 38mm/43mm/50mm/63mm Tube Stan Bond offers a huge range of tube sizes that allow blinds to be taken up to around 5 meters wide without appreciable deflection in the top tube (which causes the fabric to ripple).
  • Combo Brackets/Dual Brackets Combo brackets allow to blinds, normally one sunscreen see-through fabric and one blackout fabric on the same bracket. The sunscreen fabric provides privacy during the day time, offering a ‘tinted’ view of the outside world while the block out gives you privacy at night time and protection from the hot sun during the day.
  • Roller Blinds are one of the most flexible blind options on the market. On the other hand, if you want complete privacy and darkness, a block out fabric in your choice of colour is perfect. For something in between, a standard fabric is ideal. Roller Blinds can also be matched with Panel Glide or Vertical Blinds where one product doesn’t suit every window.

Finishing Touches

Because Roller Blinds are so popular there is an extensive range of ‘finishing touches’ that can take your blind from being boring to spectacular. Metal bottom rails can be supplied in matching or contrasting colours which can often be used to create a different look.

Pelmet options can be used to reduce the light coming through the top of the blind or to hide the roller. Skyline Fascia pelmets come in curved or square options and give the blind a luxurious and modern look. MDF Painted pelmets are a more traditional look allowing customers to custom paint the whole pelmet to suit the decor perfectly.

In some circumstances fully enclosed ACM 90 headboxes are best suited as the allow the blind to be fully enclosed keeping it clean and tidy whilst also allowing a highly minimalist look.

Prices to suit any budget

Roller Blinds can suit most budgets. By using inexpensive plain fabrics and spring or chain operation, a roller blind can be priced very cheaply. This makes it perfect for new homes, tenanted properties and commercial building.

However, by using some great upmarket fabrics by companies such as Hunter Douglas, Mermet, Wilsons and Bricos along with Nice or Somfy motorisation you can make an upmarket product that would fit appropriately in a multi-million dollar home in Burnside or on the waterfront at Glenelg.

Roller Blinds are Long Lasting

One thing that you want from any blinds you choose is durability. Stan Bond Roller Blinds are made using some of the industry best suppliers so you can trust that your blinds will last the distance. This is because they use aluminium tubes, strong, high-quality fabrics and top of the line operating systems. You can be sure that your roller blinds will operate the same as new even after they’ve been installed for years! Also, your blinds will not have faded from the sun as the fabric has been specifically treated to resist UV.

Where to from here?

To take a look at the range of Stan Bond Roller Blinds for yourself you can check out our Roller Blind website page HERE or drop into our Adelaide showroom at 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown.

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