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New Ziptrak® Centre Release lock

Ziptrak Centre Release Lock

New Ziptrak® Centre Release lock

Stan Bond is proud to release the NEW Ziptrak® Centre release lock. The new Centre release lock allows you to easily lift the blind from the centre without needing to unlock the clips on each side.

The new central lock release mechanism is mounted inside the recess of the Ziptrak® bottom rail, and it consists of a handle which will retract a locking tongue on each end of the bottom rail by pulling it in the up direction, the locking tongues retraction will allow the bottom bar guide to move pass a mechanical stop mounted on the face of the Ziptrak® bracket channel.

Centre Lock

The pulling of the handle up can be done by hand, or by using a pull stick, which eliminates the need to bend down in order to reach the handle. By pushing the bottom rail down to its locking position the shape of the mechanical stops on the Ziptrak bracket channels will cause the locking tongues to retract, and spring out again at the locking position automatically. The operating handle of the new locking release mechanism can be mounted in an offset to the centre position to overcome obstacles.

In the near future, we will announce the development completion of an optional reverse handle to release the lock from both sides of the blinds, and special mechanical stoppers for face fix installations.

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