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Reduce your energy costs without breaking a sweat

Reduce your energy costs without breaking a sweat

It’s tempting to cool the whole house during a heatwave, but you can save significantly by only cooling the areas of the house you are using.

When replacing an appliance, opt for a more energy efficient model wherever possible. You can also check your roof insulation to make sure it has the right rating and is correctly installed. Even regularly defrosting your freezer and checking your fridge seals can trim your energy costs.

If you are building a home, you can make sure maximum efficiency is built in through a range of choices, such as LED lighting, double glazing for windows, the highest rated insulation and orientation of the home to ensure good natural air flow.

In addition to your in-home energy audit, there are also cosmetic options to consider. Whatever your budget and the style of your home, there are products for your windows that will cut back on your energy bills.

Tinted solar window films can block up to 80 per cent of heat-producing infrared rays and reduce the workload of your air-conditioning system. And by filtering natural light, Stan Bond 3M window film also protects your interiors from fading.

Honeycomb cellular blinds suit a range of interiors and will help reduce heating and cooling costs because the pleated design forms air pockets which create a natural insulation barrier. If you prefer the look of curtains, opt for those with a block-out backing to keep heat in or out.

An external option is aluminium roller shutters, which also boost security and provide a barrier against noise. The insulation properties prevent up to 70 per cent of outside heat entering the home and help retain heat inside in winter.

By ensuring you have the best deal with your energy provider and taking some steps to increase your home’s efficiency, you will use less energy stressing about power bills.

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