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Stan Bond’s History in Curtains

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Stan Bond’s History in Curtains


At Stan Bond, we understand the intimate role that blinds and curtains play in transforming a house into a home, a sanctuary of retreat and relaxation. Stan Bond SA was started in 1970 and has been well known for Indoor Blinds and Outdoor Blinds along with a range of home improvement products, including Crimsafe Security. When the business transitioned from one generation to the next, we could see that modern Curtains were an essential product, but we didn’t yet have the skills and knowledge critical to do it well. So, then begun our history in curtains.


In 2016 our journey into the artistry of curtains began when we incorporated the Sawade Curtains & Blinds team, a business founded in 1960 with a rich history in curtains, into the Stan Bond business. The amalgamation of their knowledge with our existing expertise represented a union of tradition and innovation—a commitment to modern and fashionable home improvement products and customer satisfaction that continues to define our ethos today.


Stan Bond SA has always had a tradition of manufacturing the blinds, awnings and security door products it sells. However, the Sawade business did not have curtain manufacturing which meant that we relied upon on a local SA curtain workroom. In 2021, with a move to a larger custom manufacturing plant, Stan Bond acquired the Julan Soft Furnishing workroom team to bring the expertise of Curtain Manufacturing into our Blinds, Awning, Crimsafe and Roller Shutter manufacturing operation. Our Operations team saw the need to modernise the manufacturing process and travelled around Australia, Asia and Europe looking for the best and latest sewing, cutting, joining and measuring equipment. Now, with a team of up to 15 curtain specialists, we bring the expertise, artisan skills, manufacturing capacity and the latest technology to be Adelaide’s largest manufacturer of Blinds, Awnings, Curtains and Crimsafe security products.

Proudly South Australian

Our Custom-made curtains stand as a testament to why a bespoke approach to window treatments surpasses the ‘pre-made’ one-size-fits-all mentality. Every fold, every hem, and every thread is carefully considered and crafted to suit the individual needs of your home, promising curtains that are not only tailored to the exact dimensions of your windows but also resonate with the aesthetic narrative of your space. Stan Bond is proud of its South Australian roots and its establishment as a local manufacturing powerhouse—where we do not just design but bring to life each curtain with precision and passion. Our in-house manufacturing experts are at the forefront of the latest trends, technology, and textiles, ensuring that every curtain leaving our workspace is a masterpiece of design and durability.

The Ultimate Guide

When selecting the perfect set of curtains, consider the trinity of curtain selection: aesthetics, functionality, and cost. This ultimate guide is your companion through this journey, equipping you with knowledge, inspiring creativity, and ultimately leading you to make informed choices that will bring lasting comfort and style to your home.

Whether adorning a grand living room with flowing sheers that capture the soft dance of daylight, or dressing a cozy bedroom with luxurious block outs for restful sleep, Stan Bond possesses the expertise and service to elevate every window to a statement of elegance and purpose.

Let this ultimate guide lead you through the world of curtains—a world where the beauty of design meets the precision of personalisation, and the result is always a curtain that reflects who you are. Welcome to a world of possibility with Stan Bond Blinds and Curtains.

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Written by: Stan Bond

Stan Bond, 50 Years Experience in the blinds industry.

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