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What is Crimsafe & Why is it better?

Crimsafe Security Door

What is Crimsafe and Why is it Better?

Crimsafe is an Australian Designed security screen system used for Hinged Doors, Sliding Security Doors, Fixed Window Screens and Commercial screening.

The system uses a unique screw-clamp technology which locks stainless steel security mesh into aluminium door or screen frame. Crimsafe is designed to meet the highest real-life security residents standards rather than the minimum standards. It seems most other competitors attempt to make a look-a-like product as cheaply as possible to meet a minimum standard.

Crimsafe is a real security door rather than just a barrier door like many of the competitors because it provides protection from real life attacks.

Why you need security doors & screens?

In Adelaide, most homes need some screening to stop insects and allow a cool breeze in the evening. Unfortunately, drug-fuelled home invasion, domestic violence and opportunist crime make it critical that these screens are made and installed strongly enough to withstand a real-life attack.

In a family home, it is common to have a door or window open in the evening while the occupants are at the other end of the home or even out the back. Real life security products need to ensure a criminal cannot quietly and quickly gain access to your home.

How strong does a door need to be to give you real-life security?

The Australian Standard AS5041:2003 requires a security door to meet a dynamic impact test without failing for 5 impacts of 100 joules. The University of NSW @ the Australian Defence Force Academy recommend a minimum of 5 impacts of 200 joules.

An independent test of a group of males & females of various ages found an average single kick strength of 140 joules. The strongest half of the group averaged 180 joules and the single strongest impact was 270. Professional criminals or drug-fuelled attackers are likely to have strength at the higher end of the average. In our opinion, a product that fails under 200 joules does little to protect your home or family.

How strong is Crimsafe security? What about the competitors?

Crimsafe Independently tested the Crimsafe product and it’s major competitors products at the University of NSW @ Australian Defence Force to see what force they could withstand.

Crimsafe Standard product meets a minimum impact test of 500 joules. The Crimsafe Ultimate product meets a minimum impact of 700 joules. This means you can trust the Crimsafe product to protect your home and family from real life attacks.

Sadly most of the major products didn’t even meet the minimum Australian Standard of 100 joules

What does it look like?

Why do you need it? Domestic violence and Drug & Alcohol-related violence

How do you ensure you’re getting a Crimsafe product?

  • look for the sticker or clip-on badge
  • buy from a licensed manufacturer
  • look for screw clamp
  • Check warranty comparisons – the length of time & cleaning requirements.

Find out more about our Security Door and Security Screens from Crimsafe by requesting a quote from Stan Bond.

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