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The Stan Bond range of Everlast™ Aluminium Plantation Shutters were designed in Perth by one of Australia’s leading Shutter retailers. Designed to suit the harsh Australian conditions, they ingeniously designed both an internal and external range.

Everlast Classic, designed for internal use and the Everlast Ultra, designed for external, offer a more practical product option with a longer-life. The all-aluminium construction, and heavy duty stainless steel componentry, ensures these shutters will never twist, warp, crack or peel. Designed to be both visually elegant and stylish, Everlast plantation shutters are built to last!

The Everlast Classic range is designed to suit the majority of hinged applications and is ideal for use in internal window applications. The shutters are installed with a narrow, streamlined 50mm side stile, which helps provide soft, elegant lines and complements the inner spaces of homes. With a wide range of framing and colour options, including silk non-gloss whites, homeowners are sure to achieve the look they’re after.

The Everlast Ultra range is for both external and heavy duty internal use and has been designed for larger openings and enclosures, or where there is a need for tracked bi-folding, sliding or fixed screen applications. With strong wind and weather resistance built into the design, Everlast Ultra is also available with a choice of locking systems to help secure outdoor areas.

These shutters look great outdoors, as all aluminium do, but the Classic range stands out as the product we would put in our own homes. From a few metres away you couldn’t tell it was aluminium, with a soft paint finish designed to mimic the look of a Timber Shutter, but with the strength and durability of an aluminium product. These will stand up to the rigours of young children and high traffic areas and provide years of hassle-free life.

You’ll be so amazed at the strength and beauty of the Everlast Range of Aluminium Shutters, it’s worth spending some time viewing and touching them in our display centre, just 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. Or call us to arrange a time for a consultant to meet with you and discuss the full range of Stan Bond Internal Shutters.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Powder Coat Finish

Strong & Durable

What’s New:

Specifically designed Internal Aluminium Shutters is a new option on the South Australian market. Previously, Aluminium shutters had a gloss powder coat finish, which often looked inappropriate for an internal shutter. The specially designed silk paint finish on the Classic range is perfect for indoors.

What’s Popular:

External Aluminium Shutters provide a great option for outdoor living areas instead of a Ziptrak or Zipscreen Blinds. Their strength allows them to cope with greater wind forces and they can be closed to keep the weather out. Consider using small fixed panels above BBQ areas to provide ventilation and weather protection.

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Key Features:

  • High grade aluminium construction which ensures no twisting, warping, cracking, peeling or deterioration and a longer product life than traditional shutter types
  • High grade stainless steel hardware for extra strength and product durability
  • Lightweight shutters but still strong and durable
  • A choice of three blade sizes (60, 90 & 115mm) providing a range of aesthetic looks for your space
  • A Clearview Tilt Bar so shutter blades can be grouped and tilt in unison as well as offering added strength
  • A unique 180° blade rotation giving you control over the blade position, light entering the space, shading and privacy
  • Fixed or moveable louvre blade options offering either permanent privacy screening or control over views
  • An extensive range of mounting options and configurations to match your building/opening type
  • Effective protection from solar radiation keeping your space cool in summer
  • Highly resistant to all weather and temperature variations
  • Termite, insect and corrosion resistant ensuring a longer life than timber, PVC or polymer shutters
  • High quality powder coat paint finish with customised colour options also available
  • A wide range of locking and latch options for added security and privacy
  • An extensive Everlast Aluminium Plantation Shutters Warranty covering aluminium extrusions, powder coat paint finishes, hardware and accessories