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Cover and protect your windows and patios from the sun with our retractable shade awnings.

This is the most popular of all the traditional style external awnings. The Auto Guide Awning, sometimes known as the Automatic Awning or Lock Arm Awning, would be as common in Adelaide homes as a Hills Hoist!

The awning is raised and lowered to whatever position you want, by simply sliding the arms on the guide rods. This flexibility lets you control how much light and heat comes through the window.

Available in a number of projections, Auto Guide Awnings allow air flow, whilst still sitting close enough to windows to minimise light and heat entering your home. The auto locking arms allow the awning to be secured at any height and can be adjusted by hand or with a pull-stick. Tension in the blind is maintained by a spring that sits neatly within the top aluminium roller tube.

Stan Bond Auto Guide Awnings are most often installed on the face of ground floor windows but can also be used on balcony windows or outdoor patio posts. The Awnings also come with the option of matching hooding to provide the finishing touch to your new window feature.

We particularly love the look of Auto Lock Arm awnings that use Outlook Mode mesh fabric in a single block colour, which can turn a more traditional looking awning into a modern, minimalist shading option for a contemporary home. The mesh fabric not only looks great, it allows some natural light into the home, creating a more spacious feel.

Our range of outdoor blinds is the largest in Adelaide. Come and discover the options at our Campbelltown display centre, only 10 minutes from the CBD, or talk to one of our consultants about finding the right shade blinds for your home today.

What’s New:

The latest range of Barrington Canvas includes a selection of colours with a grey back, rather than the traditional green back canvas. This, combined with on-trend block colours and stripes, creates a contemporary look for a traditional product.

What’s Popular:

Instead of choosing the traditional scalloped or wave trim along the bottom edge of the flap, consider a square or straight flap to give a cleaner, modern look. Combine this with a single block colour fabric, such as a dark charcoal, for the current in-fashion look.

Galvanised steel guides

UV protection

Large range of fabrics

High Quality Parts:

With over 25,000 Auto Guide Awnings manufactured for South Australian homes by our team, we know what it takes to last in Australian outdoor conditions. A number of years ago, we designed a specialised aluminium top tube and bottom rail, which replaces the traditional galvanised tubes. This reduces the risk of rusting and provides a smoother paint finish. With over 45 years of experience, you can trust Stan Bond to provide a long lasting, high quality product.


Stan Bond Auto Guide Awnings can be fitted with:

  • Colourbond steel hood with specified colours
  • Arm projections in either 150mm, 300mm, or 450mm
  • Stainless steel guides, arms and brackets using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Long pull-down stick for use when awning is mounted high off the ground
  • A variety of bottom flap trims

Fabric Choices:

With Adelaide’s largest choice of outdoor fabrics, you can choose from our broad range of colours, patterns and textures – including traditional poly-cotton canvas from Hunter Douglas and Brella, the latest generation PVC coated woven polyester mesh and acrylic fabrics.

Our Auto Guide Awning fabrics offer UV protection, reflect up to 95% of solar energy, improve airflow, and are highly durable.

System 2000 Auto Awning System:

Stan Bond also offers the System 2000 Auto Guide Awning, which is similar to the Standard Auto Guide Awning, but uses a different hood, arms and mounting system. It is spring-operated with steel guides fitted to the wall down both sides with sliding lock arms. This system is most suited to positions where the Standard Auto Guide is unable to be installed.

What our customers say

F M Eugene White
6 months ago
Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
Decided to use Stan Bond for replacing the material and auto guides on our two outside canvas blinds as we had experienced very good service from them when they supplied and installed a screen door and…

a kitchen roller blind. Rob Telfer the installer arrived on time on the 1/2/2020 and immediately got to work despite one of the blinds being in a very exposed position and the day being particularly wild and wet. No complaints from Rob whatsoever about working in the rain and he still managed to do a perfect job of the installation! A totally different experience to what we had to endure from the original company who installed the blinds and confirmed that we had made the right choice using Stand Bond!

Chalette Brown

3 years ago
Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
Great service and quality! Two thumbs up!

Liberty Gates
6 years ago

Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange Google Star Orange
I love this company! Fantastic, non-pushy service and great products. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the Stan Bond company for our awnings.